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Your New Product Launch Is Going To Pay You This Much.

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Expensive products demand more from a new product launch publisher, but they’re extremely profitable. Before getting started you do need to know your market and what they’re currently accustomed to buying. The rest is pretty simple, no matter how you slice it.

The best customer you can possibly find is an affiliate with a big list. They’ll help you maximize profits faster than you could have ever imagined. Sure your product must provide some kind of value for end users, but its a relationship between you and happy affiliates that will pay you forever.

Prospecting is an expensive proposition. This is because relationship building takes time and gifts. Even though some gifts don’t have a dollar value attached, the time of your involvement certainly does. Sell through affiliates if you can, even if it takes some initial discounted selling to get your first end users. This proves to affiliates that you have a product that’s in demand.

Okay, what should you sell. To begin with you need to think about making a sizable income. Let’s say $100,000 per year with this new product launch project of yours. Either that means something along the lines of $5,000 per client x 20 clients or $50 per client x 2,000 clients. The later will kill you. Seek affiliates.

Most people have a hard time dealing with any more than about 25 customers (max 50) in any one specific year. So if you’re selling something for $50 to end users and focus on them being your customers you’ll earn between $1250 and $2500. If however, you focus on selling whatever your affiliates want to promote and lets just say they want $50 widgets and you help each one make between $1250 and $2500, you’re income (at a 50% margin) will be $31,250 – $125,000.

If you don’t want to sell $5,000 products directly, start making friends with affiliates.

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