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WP InstantPay WordPress Affiliate Plug-in and Review

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Affiliate marketing is possibly the fastest growing method being used to generate revenue globally by both marketers and product creators alike. On one hand is the marketer, he or she owns a website that attracts visitors or readers, whether totally unique through search engine marketing or return visitors based on content being over time that people want to have access to. Without getting into the details of how these marketers generates traffic we are looking on how to use these readers to create revenue for them self and at the same time you build a buyers list at the back end and keep all the profit of one time offers.

That popular process or method is now known as affiliate marketing. Product creators who want to get in front of these readers and even solicit endorsements pay these marketers handsomely. The payments can be based on commissions paid for each product sold to a reader from the marketers website or just a reader visiting the product creators website.

Now product creators had to either outsource this service to others to not only manage but to facilitate payments as well. This is where companies such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Epic Network (formerly Azoogleads) and Clickbooth have made a lot of their revenue, by being the middle man between product creators and marketers. Now marketers had to previously wait to be paid for days or weeks because all sales had to be finalized before commissions were paid out. This led to marketers at times being very sceptical of working with some companies.

Here is the solution now. A new word press plug-in called WP InstantPay is looking to revolutionalize all that by facilitating split payments to product creator and marketer simultaneously. This means that once a payment takes place the marketer is credited for it instantaneously. This is a brilliant innovation called WP InstantPay. The plug-in is bundled with sales processing and even order confirmation capabilities. Here are just a few of the features * Payments are sent to marketer and product creator automatically by PayPal Adaptive payment API. * You can add an unlimited number of products to the system * PayPals secure delivery system of digital products is still used. * You can change the affiliate percentage split with push button ease.

While we can list out the many features that WP InstantPay has, we need to look on the implications this will have for marketers and product creators alike. Lets look on the typical marketer, he finds a product on Clickbank, promotes it using pay per click marketing such as Adwords and gets the profits waiting for payment from Clickbank. Now Clickbank has a very strict refund policy that many people take advantage of with respect to digital products. Marketers have spent thousands on Adwords only to have to wait weeks for payment and then are hot with refunds and they end up taking a loss.

With WP InstantPay Plug-in payment is real time and can be used to fund Adwords using a PayPal Debit Card. Its the perfect method of arbitrage with almost zero risk. More marketers can comment on this but I for one am sold.

Learn more about WP InstantPayand order today before the website is taken offline. See the WP InstantPay Video Review for further information.

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