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Why Most Prosuming Marketing Activities Fall And How One Can Avoid The Same Mistakes: Part Three

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Welcome to the third of this little sequence showing how to utilise SEO to make your affiliate marketing website work to make you cash.

Thus far we have seen how to put your website’s keywords into the pages of your site, seeing the site listed in business directories which live all over the internet, and how to utilise social networking to upload loads of links back to your affiliate marketing site. What we want to do now, so as to have the search engines take proper regard of the shop, is to put links and keyword references to it in hundreds of places.

The most effort concentrated and time consuming area of the SEO discipline is article production, and then getting that article inserted on blogs, in article banks and suchlike spots all over the internet where they will be read by the search engines spiders, and the links and keywords logged which will increase your website’s ranking for significance. This is controversial because in some quarters it is regarded as fixing the system and I utterly do not agree with this, AS LONG AS the article is original material, the topic is relevant and there are no hidden words.

The item can be about anything, it can tell a personal event, a viewpoint on a topic germane to what your website is about, an informational piece, a review of a product or anything else. I personally attempt to average 550 words, insert 2 links to my shop bolted to my keywords, of which I try to insert both but at least one in each paragraph if I can. It’s a converse of SEO that you do not cram your piece full of keywords, but use them sparingly, and one link on each keyword in the complete article is a decent rule of thumb.

What should it look like? Well, this item is me doing SEO for my company website but not for my affiliate marketing site, and if you go through it again you’ll note my rules above are followed in it and if you select the link in the second paragraph you can see in the News area a record of articles that do support my fishing shop website.

When it is complete, the subsequent thing to do the search engine optimisation is to alter the look so that when it gets inserted into in many diverse spots, each one has a unique version. To do that you ‘spin’ the piece. Go through every line and take words that have substitutes. I’ll take the first line of this paragraph as an example:

“[spin]As soon as|Once|When[/spin] [spin]it is|it’s[/spin] [spin]complete|done|finished[/spin], the [spin]next|subsequent|following[/spin] [spin]job|task|chore|thing[/spin] to do the [spin]SEO|search engione optimisation[/spin] is to [spin]alter|amend|change|rearrange[/spin] the [spin]appearance|look|format|words[/spin] so that when”

That line now has eight alternative sets of words which can be written in any of 4608 combinations any and all of which will actually make sense. What happens is that the publishing programs will pick one word from between each set of tags and show that. Aim to average three substitutes each, though do not overdo it, if there are only two, keep it at that. And the little “|” sign comes from “shift+” by the Z key. The search engines do not like finding hundreds of mirrored items and the owners of the publishing sites also only want original versions, and so search engine optimisation requires this format.

For publishing, I use a site called Unique Article Wizard but they charge to use this. You might like to try and find a free service or, for a small fee I’ll do it for you (email enquiries@osiriswebservices.co.uk) but very quickly you will create a sizable chuck of back-links to your site. Be aware, it will require time, frequently a long while time, before it begins to make a difference and promote your affiliate marketing up the search engine table.

The next item in this run will look at how you can employ another search engine optimisation method to get your affiliate marketing site to the top of the search engines faster, but it needs money, though this can be controlled.


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