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When Creating Your Own Products A Joint Venture Could Be A Good Option

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You might be one of the people who have created a product but can not learn how to get traffic to see this product. And I am certain you know that you need traffic if you plan on generating any sales. A number of you may have gone ahead and implemented all the SEO you can but your not getting the traffic from the search engines. Traffic exchanges might have been something else you tried until you realized that you really failed to get any sales from them. And lastly you think your only option left is using a pay per click system. The issue with these programs is that you could actually find yourself spending more money than you end up bringing in. So exactly what choice are you left with? Joint Ventures.

A joint venture is actually a great way to begin getting the traffic you will need if you want to make a living online. When it comes to a joint venture you basically offer some people the opportunity to advertise your product for a commission on all product sales that they produce. Typically joint venture partners will get about a 50% commission or higher if this is a digital downloadable product. A product which can be downloaded is something like an e book or perhaps a software that people simply download from the web to their laptop or computer.

Don’t think this is the same as using an affiliate program because it is indeed a lot different. Joint ventures can be done on a small scale making it possible for only a few people in, as opposed to a program like clickbank. Then your responsibility is usually to make sure your joint venture partners get paid and the customer receives their product.

One of the benefits associated with using joint venture tends to be that you may end up getting a joint venture partner within your niche that has a opt-in email list of 100,000 or more people. And once you find good men and women to joint venture with you can find yourself seeing a huge burst in product sales almost overnight. Now for the most part it is quite hard to find good joint venture partners however, if you keep looking and you have an excellent offer you will find them. If you can’t find men and women the first day do not be discouraged as it could take a little while to find good men and women.

After you do find men and women that would like to joint venture with you, you will want to ask them a few questions before you link up with them. You will probably find that the reason a number of these men and women want to join you is to get a free copy of your product. Learning if they have their own personal email list should actually be one of the first questions you ask them, you might also ask them if they have ever won any affiliate contests. When you can actually get men and women that have won affiliate contests or referral contests you are already aware that they will most likely be able to produce sales for you.

One thing you will also require before you begin this sort of offer is a way to make certain all your partners are getting the credit for the sales they produce. You can even grab a simple affiliate script to add to your Internet site to keep track of all the sales produced and by which partner.

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