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What You Should Know About Increasing the Quality Score of Your AdWords Campaign

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There’s no faster way to get targeted traffic to a website than to use Google Adwords. There are certain factors you have to pay attention to when using Adwords, though, and one of these is the rating that Google gives to campaigns, called the Adwords Quality Score. The critical thing about the Quality Score is that Google uses this when it decides how much to charge you for various keywords -so having a higher Quality Score literally makes your ROI higher. We’ve identified several ways that you can easily increase your Quality Score.WP Subscribers

Change Up Your Bids: Google takes a number of things into consideration when calculating your AdWords Quality Score, including how you change up your bids. Essentially, your goal is to maximize the results of your campaign by getting a higher number of clicks that convert while also making sure you are paying as little as possible. You should bid more on those keywords that are offering a good result. You can reduce your bid on keywords that are proving to have a low conversion rate. The effect is that you will improve the performance of the ads that have been doing well by paying more. Everything will be improved, from your Quality Score to the position of your ads, to your clickthrough rate.

Make Sure Your Ad Copy is Relevant: If you’re running multiple ad groups, makes sure that all of them have copy that’s relevant. The keywords, ad copy and display URL for your ads must be very targeted and focused. You definitely don’t want to confuse or mislead readers with your ads. Ads that are clear and targeted are one of the most important ways to get more click throughs on your ads, which will cause Google to raise your Quality Score. The relevance of your ads, then, plays a large role in determining your Quality Score, so don’t overlook this.

Stay Updated: The PPC industry is ever-changing, which is why you need to keep yourself updated about the changes happening with AdWords. You need to know everything that’s new so you can stay ahead of the crowd and one way to do that is to subscribe to forums, blogs, podcasts and newsletters. If you have decided to manage your AdWords campaign yourself, then it is critical that you stay in tune with all the recent news. With the new information you uncover you will be able to save quite a bit of cash on your CPC while also boosting your conversion rate. In the long run, all these factors will make for a better Quality Score.Ultra Spinnable Articles

There you go! You can use this advice to increase your AdWords Quality Score quite quickly because it is easy to implement.

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