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What Would Be More Beneficial For The Business Blogging Or Social Media

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A small business may well take a look at the more recent media like Twitter and Facebook, and question whether or not there’s even a use for business blogs nowadays. But previous experience tells us that there’s always a place for this kind of application. Recently, many companies acknowledged that their web sites weren’t very user friendly to users, because they seemed to be more like pages from their Yearly Reports than anything else. As soon as they changed their websites, quite often adding a blog, consumers began to respond enthusiastically and a new interaction came to be.

It’s recognized in the business blogosphere that Dell Computers showed the way, being one of the first businesses to make such a change. Even as profitable a business, Dell was, a barrier continued to exist involving the business and its customers, a lot of these clients had been finding it challenging to communicate and had frustrating grievances that were not being answered. Once the company set up to accept blog entries, the transformation in its relationship with consumers was amazing. A similar experience was had by General Motors.

A company blog can deliver a supplement to normal email newsletters as well, while some consumers might continue to count on the emails for updates and never think of visiting the web site, although others are definitely more proactive and check out blogs frequently to seek out the latest information. Businesses have to connect with consumers in many techniques. If it’s modified on a regular basis, the blog can offer fresh info that won’t vanish down the page quite so quickly, say, as the more ephemeral tweets on Twitter. Up-to-date business information could be posted in a helpful, casual fashion, allowing customers to inquire or make suggestions. And their comments won’t disappear down the page either.

As A business proprietor you always need to be wary about raising your consumers expectations. Small businesses are able to manage a one-on-one relationship with their clients whereas larger companies could hurt their reputations if they are not in a position to handling all their queries of complaints.

But another use for blogging, and one that companies had not even considered to begin with, is for internal communication. Although employees can stay in touch via e-mail, meetings or conference calls, an internal blog can focus on one department or a single project, providing a central place for any team to receive regular updates or make an informal record of their progress. This will keep these employees up to date without their own email inbox piling up to an unmanageable level.

Blogs tend to be the elder sibling in the social networking world, and continue to be better at presenting info and comments in a more long term style. As soon as blogging software made it possible for a business and its customers to socialize in this way, the lines of communication opened widely. The business can present the latest info about products and services, and consumers can respond, thus both sides of the relationship benefits.

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