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What Makes Super Affiliates Successful?

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What makes a Super Affiliate a Super Affiliate? How do they make so much money? Are they just lucky? They know something you don’t – That’s a fact – Otherwise all of us would make millions online.

Let’s get stuck in!

*They choose the best products to promote & they usually promote their own products too. Niche Related traffic volume should also be high. There’s no point promoting something that’s not popular. People must be searching for it. Try Google’s Keyword tool to find product related keywords with good traffic volume. Super Affiliates try to Sell solutions to problems. They are targeting desperate buyers. People must be desperate to actually go out and purchase the product. Diets & Make-Money-Online are great examples of the niches that are attracting desperate buyers. Top selling products on ClickBank within your market is a good starting point, it’s top for a reason. The bottom line is affiliate marketing is all about identifying the best product and reaching the customers looking for your product with the best deal. Give them what they are looking for, that’s it!

*They make money using Blogs. One of the best ways to promote a ClickBank offer is probably with a Blog. It’s VERY easy to use WordPress and it’s easy to get ranked in Google with WordPress. There’s also 1000s of plugins you can download and use for your Blog to help with SEO, Sitemaps, Social Media integration etc. etc. There’s a plugin for anything you may need. Super affiliates’ Blogs usually have a product related theme, posts & articles. It’s then very easy to make money from it.

*PPC(Pay Per Click) Advertising. What makes PPC very effective is the fact that you can bid on exactly the keywords that’s relevant to your site or product offer. In other words it’s VERY targeted, for example you have a Labrador Dog Training website – you want people searching for the term “labrador dog training” you just bid on that keyword and you can buy that exact clicks, it’s very targeted. Obviously you can bid on “dog training” but it’s too broad and should be expensive because many people would bid on that keyword. If you plan to use PPC make sure your page convert into sales. Know your figures. Super Affiliates are Super Analytical! Here’s a VERY simple example, say you convert 1% of your site’s visitors into sales, that’s 10 sales per 1000 clicks and your product earns you $20 per sale, that’s $200 per 1000 clicks or $0.20 per click. That means you cannot bid more than $0.20 per click otherwise you make a loss. It’s therefor best to know exactly how well your site converts visits into sales. Super Affiliates use Traffic Tracking Software to track their clicks and know exactly how many visitors their site gets.

*Super Affiliates are great Article Marketers. Affiliate Article Marketing can be very effective to attract targeted traffic to your site. Article Marketing’s success depends on quality Original Content.

Article marketing as an concept is quite simple:

1. You write articles. Your articles include a link to your website or product offer. 2. You submit articles to free online article directories like 3. People read your articles online and click the link provided to visit your website 4. Once at your website (or affiliate page) your readers purchase the service you are selling.

*Social Media Marketing. Times are changing, so are marketing ideas. I personally know a few Super Affiliates that make use of Social Media Integration to sell their services & push sales. Imagine this – You have a site and on that site you have a Facebook “Like” button. If someone visits your page and click that “Like” button the website will show on their Facebook Wall and all their friends will see that person liked that particular page. Now they might visit the page and might also “Like” the page. That might lead to more people (friends of friends of friends) seeing that page on their friends’ walls and visiting it. It becomes a snowball effect. And it’s free! That’s what you call Viral Marketing, it spreads like a virus. The same goes for Twitter & Bookmarking Sites like Reddit.

*YouTube Marketing. This is very popular with Super Affiliates. They can either start their own account, where they can upload videos or they could buy established channels with millions of channel views.

*Helpful posts on niche-related Forums. Forum Marketing should be done with good intentions in mind. Register with a niche-related forum – for example if you are in the eMarketing niche like many Super Affiliates are, go to WarriorForum. Register and add your URL to your signature – and start participating in the hot topics, the more you post the more exposure your signature & URL will get the more targeted traffic your site will get. Try to find solutions for problems discussed on the forums. Make sure your site’s content is ready to address the issues discussed.

*Email Marketing & List Building. Building a mailing list can be very lucrative but it takes time.

This is how Super Affiliates build mailing lists.

1. They join an autoresponder service like Aweber – Then they create an Opt In Box where people can enter their Name & Email. Later they will Give them (the list) some kind of incentive to subscribe. Super Affiliates Always protect their list’s privacy! 2. Next they will confirm their subscription & they start sending them free stuff & quality niche related content. Now they Start building the trust. 3. As the relationship with your list grows and you build trust you can start soft-selling them related products to the content you provided them. Write newsletters etc. to keep them interested. Keep content original & good. 4. As your niche related list grows you can do swap deals with other marketers in you niche and grow it even more.

Super Affiliates always treat their lists well with free gifts & bonuses. They respect their lists & give them solid content. Super Affiliates also buy Solos to grow their email lists. A Solo is when you pay someone to mail out ads with only your product to their email list.

Successful Internet Marketers employ the above methods with great thought & do everything with a plan. They think like real marketers.

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