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What Magnetic Sponsoring Schooled Me In

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Mike Dillard wrote a book called Magnetic Sponsoring. Magnetic Sponsoring is old hat. It has been around for a while. So this isn’t just another Magnetic Sponsoring review rather just what I have actually learned from Mike Dillard‘s book. So let’s go into detail here!

The book itself is very small. At the time of me buying it, you can still get it physically, I am unsure if it is physical anymore or not however the information is still much the same. The content talks a lot about the idea of if you sold drills, would you talk about the quality of your drill or would you inform people how to make holes? The concept Mike Dillard talks about is where you tell people how to make holes, you educate them on it so much, that when they find out you sell drills they are obviously going to buy your drill because you added the most value to them without actually pitching to them.

I mean most people when confronted with how to actually build a network marketing business are at a loss. You can either start cold calling form the yellow book, or you can start writing down a list of everyone you know, contact them and hope one or two of them will join you in your business. It is a lot of work as well to get comfortable with these strategies, though of course you must develop and get comfortable with anything if you are going to become successful.

Most people will not have the gigantic results that are looking for when they do these tactics that they initially envisioned. That’s okay. Because there are other ways. For example what I learned from this book was the concept of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is a very interesting philosophy because it basically says that I can have people chasing me down, asking me about my business moreso than me having to chase them down to get them into my business. It also has destroyed a lot of the common objections that people normally face when it comes to building a network marketing opportunity.

Before I discovered Mike Dillard’s book, I was at a lost to what affiliate marketing really was or meant. Now I love it, in fact I make a very large portion of my business income through the power of affiliate marketing. I am addicted to it that when I wake up in the morning I’ve found out I made another sale of some product. It is really nice.

Of course, making affiliate sales means I put all that profit usually back into my business. Whether it is buying tools, leads, software or courses to learn more all depends on what I am doing. It is nice to know I have an affiliate income that steadily grows and helps to fund my network marketing income as it continues to grow bigger and bigger.

That is my story with Magnetic Sponsoring and what I have learned from it. I find it extremely valuable and anyone looking to be successful in network marketing should look into getting Magnetic Sponsoring. It has been a huge boon to me and my business, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to make a big difference in their businesses. Magnetic Sponsoring might just be your keys to the kingdom of success should you use the information wisely.

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