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What Is The Difference Between Safelists And Having My Own Email List And Which Should I Use

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Having a list that you can email your promotions to is one of the most essential things you can do to help see to your online success. Almost every Internet marketer online will tell you that without an email list you have nada. But the question is, should you build your own email list or can you employ safelists.

In this article I will answer this question and explain to you precisely how and why you should be using safelists and your own lists.

Safelists are the first thing we will discuss. A safelist is a group of folks who agree to get emails from other folks in the group. The way it works is you can normally join for free or for a fee. Everyone who registers for these websites automatically agree to let other members to send them their emails. Mostly, every email you receive will include something called a credit link that you must click on to earn credits, this is known as a credit based safelist. At this juncture, you can trade your credits for emailing other members, and when they receive your email they will have to click the credit link to earn credits and they see your site when they do.

The main problem with safelists is that no one is there to purchase anything. While you may make a sale here and there by using these safelists, it is not enough to make it worth your while.

These safelists may be used for other forms of marketing which are worthwhile. Safelists are a fantastic way to begin developing your own list. You can have people’s email addresses by giving stuff away and having people provide you their name and email address in order to get the free item. This way you are developing your own mailing list which is much better.

Which takes us to the question “Do I need my own mailing list?” Yes you do, at least if you are wanting to be successful. Just about any successful Internet marketer will tell you that every individual on your own mailing list is worth about $1 every month. So let’s say over the next 12 months you work hard at developing your list and you get 3,000 people to sign up, your list is now worth $3,000 per month.

This however doesn’t mean that everyone on your mailing list sends you $1 a month. The way it is works out is, when you have people on your mailing list they are more apt to buy from you as long as you provide quality, and you should be able to sell 1 product per month to every 1 person out of 50 who are on your mailing list. This is merely an example, but if each sale you generate pays you $50, there is your $1 per person each month.

You can even email a different offer to your mailing list each day. Plus, there is no limit to how large you can develop your mailing list. In addition, you are not limited on how you develop your mailing list, feel free to use any strategy you want. Safelists are merely one way to help you get rolling. You can create a blog and have people sign up to your mailing list to be updated when you have a new post. It doesn’t stop there however, you can use any technique or program you prefer that can help you build your mailing list. In short, you can develop your own mailing list to any extent you prefer.

So which of the two must you use — safelists or your own list? And the answer is both, employ safelists to start developing your own list.

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