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Video Marketing Essentials

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When YouTube was introduced, it practically changed the way that marketing was done over the internet practically overnight. Because of the service, anyone who has a computer and a webcam can share their videos online without any extra expenses. Those that have worked with films and presentations before will tell you that YouTube has been somewhat of a godsend to them.

Before the birth of YouTube, when you wanted to share videos online, you had to have a paid service with insane amounts of bandwidth if you were expecting a lot of hits. Back then, bandwidth wasn’t cheap, both on the website owner’s part and on the consumer part. Everything changed when YouTube made an appearance and allowed anyone to post their videos for free.

Since the demand for data was increasing, internet service providers had to offer better services at lower prices just to compete. Everyone won a little bit when YouTube was in full swing as everyone demanded better service and it was given to them. When we look at it today, it is now one of the main vehicles of marketing that’s being used online.

Let us go over some of the ways that people use Youtube for online marketing. Some of these methods can be direct to the point and they just sell stuff to you while other methods are just there in order to drive traffic to the website. The main thing to remember is that the tools are out there available for free and that you should feel free to use and utilize it to the best of your abilities.

* Viral – This is why YouTube became popular and this is the most popular method of trying to drive traffic to your site. A viral video is something that is so good that most people can’t help but pass it around, much like a virus. The most successful implementations of this has led to millions of hits, something that can’t be usually achieved by normal methods.

* Review vids – it’s a lot easier for people to make up their minds if they actually SEE the product that’s being reviewed. A video can convey better in a couple of minutes than what a wall of text as long as your arm can. Studies have also shown that people are more likely to buy something that has been reviewed this way as opposed to the traditional text reviews.

* Video testimonials – This is one aspect of that has really worked over the years. It’s easy to type a two-liner testimonial to a product or service but taking the time to create a video testimonial strikes a whole new chord. Readers are more inclined to believe a person pouring his or her heart out over a product or service as opposed to a written testimonial.

* Instructional vids – Which this may not sound like an in-your-face marketing technique, this is actually one of the methods that have become quite popular. Webmasters utilize this by giving away free information and thereby improving their reputation. Once people see that you’re willing to give away perfectly useful information then they’re more susceptible to purchasing whatever it is that you have to offer them.

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