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Use Webinars to Generate Online Income

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With all of today’s technological advancements, the way we market and sell services and products on the Internet, especially in the IM niche, is always shifting. Not that long ago, sales letters were composed generally of text. Today’s sales letters employ fancy graphics applications and top-notch copywriters. One of the crucial problems is keeping abreast with all these advances; lately, it’s the arrival of the video sales letter with which we need to deal with. Growing public awareness of these evolving strategies makes our lives as internet marketers even tougher because the average person clicks away as soon as he figures out he’s reading a sales letter. The good news is that there’s another new sales tactic that’s working very well to increase conversions these days – the “webinar”, our subject here.

An essential ingredient in becoming a success on the Internet is for people to trust you and to know who they are dealing with. As all marketing niches become more and more packed with people marketing products that fall short of their promises, that important element of trust is much more difficult to get. But then, there are still many ethical marketers who provide great value but they need to have a medium where they can present this. This is where webinars become valuable. For a number of us, webinars have become our most reliable sales tool. Basically, a webinar is an online seminar to which you are invited by the product creators themselves or one of their associates.

If you’ve already been to a webinar, you are aware that it was set for a particular day and time, and it was not a recorded presentation. Usually, the host share lots of free information and access to several marketing tools, while building the participants’ respect for him and his services. Several webinars have more than one person sharing the presentation duties according to their individual expertise and knowledge. You can expect some sort of special offer to be made towards the end of a webinar; these oftentimes do very well, since the participant has come to trust the presenter and will accept his explanation of the value of his products or services.

Because a webinar can attract individuals from several different time zones worldwide, scheduling can be an issue. Even though it is alright to schedule more than one run through of a webinar, virtually all presenters simply record the session and then make it available for review by anyone at any time. One method to increase the number of people who attend the live webinar is to offer something special to those who do, something beyond what will be available through the replays. The idea of pre-recorded webinars that can basically be accessed later to suit the customer is relatively new to the webinar scene. One other nice aspect of recording your webinar is that it can be run and rerun any time you want, as much as you want, with no additional work on your part. Further, recording your event for later viewing permits modifying or fixing any errors or glitches before more people see it.

Bottom line: Devote time to learning a bit about doing webinars — your bottom line will reward you very well, rest assured.

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