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UBot Makes Web Automation A Cinch

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Have you considered web automation but thought that it was much too difficult to learn? As an experienced programmer let me say this about UBot Studio. This was not around when I was in school. I wish it had been because UBot Studio puts existing programming skills on powers-speed. Do you have a list of programming reserved words to learn as well as their syntax? Not really. Instead of a list of 100′s of reserved words there are qualifiers(8), Action Commands(19), Input Commands(4), File Commands(9), Flow Commands(18), Chosen Commands(9), Variable Commands(15) and UI Elements(14). That comes to about 96 or so actual commands. You will not need all of them in fact there are a few I will probably never touch. Simply because I don’t need them. But I know they are there. The biggest difference is that UBotStudio Software uses a kind of Object based programming. You basically build your program based off of a general flow of things that you want to happen.

Everyone is trying to automate these days. Whether you use tools, or outsourcing work to others, automation is clearly a way to expand your business and bring in more profits. For example, if you are building links for your newly launched site, there are many mundane tasks that you have to do each day to increase your search engine ranking including blog commenting, posting articles on article directories and web 2.0 sites, and more. These are completely necessary tasks, but not something anyone wants to personally do for several hours each day. The answer to this is automation, and in this article I want to look at two tools that will make your life easier called iMacros and UBot.

UBot is a little more powerful than iMacros, but it has a higher learning curve. Basically UBotStudio allows you to create your own web bots using its own Visual Scripting Language. This language is completely graphical, unlike standard programming languages. That means that even non-programmers should be able to pick it up if they have the inclination to. It is more flexible than iMacros because it supports branching, looping and constructs like that. It also comes with built in functions for proxy switching, captcha input, page scraping and a whole lot more. Plus if you build some decent bots with it, you can compile them into self contained programs that you can then give away or sell.

If you just heard about UBot and are trying to figure out what it is capable of, your best bet is to watch some of the helpful videos that have been created so far. For those who have just purchased, these videos are a great way to learn how UBot development works. You can use the coupon code bothack199 to receive a $50 discount.

UBot enables the end user (me and you) to write complex automated web robots which can automatically carry out virtually anything you would do yourself on the net. The beauty of this software studio is the fact that the bot creation process is simply a simple matter of dragging and dropping commands within the GUI. It’s saved me a great deal time I can not start to explain. No more writing 1000′s of lines of PHP code anymore!

Have a look at Ubot Reviewed and don’t forget to use the $50 UBot Discount Coupon ‘bothack199′ if you decide to buy.

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