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Types Of Affiliate Marketing And How To Benefit From Them

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So, you are wishing to start a career as an Online marketer, but don’t know where to start? Well, you have arrived to the right place as in this article I will be taking you through three most basic models of Internet marketing that you can opt in to generate a constant source of online income. The first one is creating a website promoting a single product. Other way is to create a review website promoting more than one product in your niche. The last method and the most profitable method is to build an email list and reap its benefits forever. So, lets get started.

1. You can create a micro niche type site. That is, you can create a website promoting a single product for which you are affiliated with. All you have to do is to create 3 – 4 content rich pages, probably of review type content promoting the selected product. After that, you need to work on both the on page and off page seo of your site to get first page rankings of your website for your selected keywords in search engines. If you have researched keyword well and found a low competition long tail buyer keyword, then getting first page rankings would not be an issue for you and once you are on the first page, you will start getting a lot of traffic and sales thus generating you commissions in return.

2. Creating a multiple review site involves reviewing a lot of products in your niche. It can be thought of as an Ecommerce site and you can set up an Amazon astore for it. You can also build up a review site where you will need to review products and services on a regular basis. For this you will first need to build trust among your audience so they can easily go for the products you recommend to them, thus generating you affiliate commissions in return. You will, however, need to do a lot of SEO and build backlinks to see any sales. If done effectively, you can expect a continues source of income for as long as your lifetime.

3. Email Marketing is perhaps the most reliable form of Internet Marketing. It is rightly said that Money is in the list. Once you build a double optin subscribers list in your niche, you are free to mail them at any time about any product or service offer with which you are affiliated. This way, if your list contacts click through your affiliate link and buys the product, you get a commission. To get the maximum profit out of your list, you will need to create a highly targeted email list and avoid spamming as much as you can.

These were the three most basic models of Internet marketing that you can choose online. You will have to get into one of them initially to see any success. Once you start getting constant income, you can then move on to discover and use the other models so as to increase your income to a lot more level. Hope you like this article and good luck for your success.

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