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Top Two Strategies For Traffic Generation

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Having any kind of business or website on the Internet requires one thing to be successful in its field. This vital ingredient is called traffic and without it your site will be virtually non-existent. Imagine having a small shop in a street that is tucked away in a part of town that people rarely vacate. Now this can only result in one thing which is that you will have no product sales because the customers do not know where you are and this is exactly the same for an online business or website.

Traffic comes in two different forms which is one that you pay for and another which is completely free of charge.

In this article I will give you two different ways of getting a bundle of free targeted traffic to your website at no cost which is easier on the wallet!

The first is blogging.

You may or may not know this method but it really is a great way to get a lot of traffic for free. It is very important to set a blog that is educational and informative to encourage visitors to keep coming back for more. You can check out my Yournetbiz blog as an example.

Giving away a free course, guide or e-book will add a great deal of value to your site. This will give your readers and subscribers an added incentive to come back to your site on many occasions.

To achieve great success with your blog you should update it on a constant basis with good quality content. You should also consider adding an opt-in form from your auto responder to capture the email address of the person that has visited your site. This way you can alert people that new content has been added or simply to offer a new product of interest in your particular niche.

Search engines love blogs and that is why I mentioned them first. A well written optimized blog site has a good chance of ranking very high in the search results and will bring a truck load of traffic for no cost at all. Maximum exposure for free!

WordPress and Blogger are two great places to get your first site up and running for free!

Niche forums are next up!

These are great places to get a yourself recognised as an authority in your field and also a fantastic way to get free visitors to your website. If you search a niche and forum in the search engine box, plenty will come up. Now read a few posts and start to engage and educate the members by answering their problems or queries. You will gain a certain degree of respect and become an expert in the subject of your choice.

One thing to remember is to never blatantly advertise or spam a site. You will most likely get banned and it also presents you as unprofessional. The clever way to get around this is to add a link to your signature file. This will appear under any comment that you make so people will click on it if they like what you have to say.

There are so many ways to drive traffic to a site but I thought I could show you two that are quick and easy to set up today so start blogging and posting!

Stuart Nunn is an associate of Yournetbiz and various other online business programmes. You can find out more about him and how he can help you by checking out his newest website today.

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