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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Myths

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Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most misunderstood parts of Internet marketing. You wanted the truth, well here it is in all of its glory. The most powerful all in one SEO link building tool is without any doubt SEnuke.

Many new to internet marketing believe all it takes to succeed online is placing a few banner ads on a website. Many people still believe that all it takes to make money with affiliate marketing is to put up this banner, and watch the cash roll in. Affiliate marketing requires much more of you than that. Super affiliates are known to make tons of money so it would be wise to follow their lead. Most of the time, if you listen to the average internet marketer you will accomplish average results, just like them. You have to consistently put in the effort to see consistent results. As an affiliate marketer you have to employ various marketing techniques to actually drive traffic and get results. For instance, Google Content (Display) Network is a wide open traffic source that you can use to build an opt-in list There are many ways to get traffic to an offer but what counts is the quality of that traffic. Testing to find out what works and what you can improve is a fundamental practice in any type of marketing and is something that you will need to spend part of your efforts on if you want to make more money. Having a site with banners on them could make you money years ago but that is in the past. It will greatly benefit your progress if you took the time to learn techniques that have been proven to work before you start experimenting on your own.

Another affiliate marketing myth is that there is just too much competition to deal with. This is false, not only is there room for current marketers but for plenty of new ones too. Don’t get scared when you see that an affiliate program has thousands of affiliates promoting that product. The stats that these vendors are factual but they don’t represent whose making the sells and who aren’t, only a handful of affiliates bring in most of the money. Believe it or not, but most of a product sales come from a select few affiliates. If you still are scared then you can choose a product or niche that has less “competition.”

Another misleading myth is that you won’t make much money from your site until you generate thousands of visitors. SEO Business Box is the newest SEO course from SEO master Daniel Tan. If you are into SEO you can’t afford to miss this one.

Thousands of monthly visitors won’t help you at all if they aren’t targeted. There are many affiliate marketers who still believe that they need many visitors to their offer to get successful, while they forget that here quality matters more than quantity. There is plenty of targeted traffic out there waiting for you; the only thing you need to do is to find ways of qualifying it. It is very possible to turn your site around, from no sales to making them everyday, but you need to focus on quality traffic. So instead of focusing on the numbers, you have to put all your concentration on getting those visitors that are actually interested in your offer.

It’s a shame that so many marketers, especially new ones, take these myths to be the truth. This is the main reason why you should test ideas yourself instead of relying on others for guidance.

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