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The Reason Most Prosuming Marketing Enterprises Fall And How To Avoid The Same Pitfalls: Part One

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Becoming involved in affiliate marketing is not something to be done on a whim. You will most likely have been inundated by spam emails, tweets and I expect SMS messages too, promising amazing riches for working at home over the internet. Actually, it’s become so commonplace that comedians are able to make gags about them in the awareness that the crowd will know what they are talking about and receiving a laugh. And quite right too, because for the most part, these ads are targeted at getting a few charlies to sign up for a period, have a go, stick at it for a few months and then abandon it when they acknowledge that they do not and probably never will, make any cash.

However, executed properly, there’s no explanation why with affiliate marketing they could not have been lucrative, perhaps not to the stage that sends them running off to the Porsche shop with debit card in hand, but enough to put a few extra shekels in the wallet. What they did not realise and probably could not have realised (as they will not have been told), was that there is no way that anyone was going to visit their site, never mind shop for anything from the retailers whose adverts graced the page. The reason for this is that most people with a website they build themselves have little or no idea about SEO.

search engine optimisation is a system by which a website is made conducive to Google in order to make it simpler for them to be indexed, graded and assessed for relevance. This is carried out in concurrence with the construction of the affiliate marketing site by choosing the keywords which describe the site, what it does and what it offers. For instance, if you were to select your niche area to be a shop for fishing tackle supplies, your keywords may be along the lines of angling, fishing tackle, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line, fish hooks, fishing books, fishing DVDs and so on. These keywords then want to be included into the description of the site in the HTML header division which isn’t shown on the screen to users, but is available to search engines, but they also have to be used in the text written into the page that people do read. This ties the two parts of the pages together and gains the search engine approval for relevance.

You then join loads of affiliate marketing plans and locate as many companies selling products in your niche market as you can. Pick the adverts that you like and will look good on your page, and insert the code into your pages, arrange them into some sort of sensible order such as by country (as you can use affiliate marketing firms in any territory, not just your own, target markets all over the globe to maximise your chances). Once you are satisfied with the page then you can start the SEO and a great way to begin is getting links to your pages inserted on business directories all over the internet. The best way to do this is to search for a website that will help you add hundreds through them rather than track them all down individually. Careful though, this is a long and very tedious job.

However it is worth it as search engines devour links and they want to find links to your site in connection with the relevant keywords so you need to search for ways to do this. Directory listings are a good one and also using social network sites to boost your site with links is another because hopefully, as well as providing links for the search engine robots, humans will see them and hopefully follow also. These are all good, solid search engine optimisation ways which can be employed in the early days of affiliate marketing, the next piece will cover more ways to get your site visitied.


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