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The Real Purpose of The Twitter DM Autoresponder

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Using Twitter to build relationships, gather leads and grow your reach is all about understanding how to use the social platform the right way. One powerful feature that comes with Twitter is the ability to send out a direct message to your followers, which can be further made more usable by simply using an autoresponder to send out a message to your new followers. The message you send out is just the beginning, and a nice greeting and ‘thanks for the follow’ will make a positive impression on people.

It is fairly common to spot those who use different programs such as textspeak just so they can send longer messages. If you choose to use textspeak, then all we can say is you really have to be sure your market is open to such devices otherwise you may be reported. But who knows, if your followers are in a market that is open to such approaches, then this may not be an issue for you.

In addition, you have to wonder if people may not think you are being professional by circumventing Twitter guidelines. Always focus on being as direct and professional when dealing with your automatic direct messages on Twitter because you’ve got only one shot to make a strong impression on your new follower, and you don’t want to lose that.

When you’re direct messaging someone on Twitter, you’re expected to make the most out of that opportunity to interact with that follower of yours, especially when it’s a new follower. Your initial communications must be totally devoid of marketing because this is when you are working to create a good impression and connection. Take up the entire 140 character limit with new followers, and even look at their profile and comment on it in some polite manner. Yes, set up the autoresponder properly, but then send the DM with your highly custom message. You have so much more available to you with the direct message feature.

It simply doesn’t make sense to send out a direct message without following back your new follower because without that, how do you expect him/her to reply back to your direct message if they have to? Learning the ropes at Twitter is nothing hard to do, but you should take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to you.

You should not have any problems at all with using the DM autoresponder if you simply use it with common sense.

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