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The Osiris Web Services Is Moving Into A New But Suitable Area Of Activity

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One of the things you encounter when you begin working in SEO is that when you search on it to discover more, you come up with loads of links with regard to affiliate marketing. I had no notion what that was when I began the training course to get my knowledge and I just ignored it as it did not seem to have any great relevance.

What has become obvious now that I’m more experienced is that the 2 things go hand in hand very easily. affiliate marketing has to do with putting up a website and forming partnerships with commercial companies and putting in your pages links and adverts to those associate sites to direct traffic to them, and the partner businesses are happy to pay a commission of any business done to the affiliate for creating the traffic. Why would the want do this?

Well, put simply, if a company wants to sell its goods and services on its website it has two options. It can do so wholly on its own efforts as far as online SEO and pay per click advertising and seek to direct all its own visitors to the website. Or, by offering a financial encouragement, it can licence affiliates to insert links and banners and have traffic directed from many sources and thus take advantage from the increased promotion, SEO and links which will be seen by the search engines.

The US is where the innovation began and they are, of course, years in front in terms of affiliate marketing being accepted as a standard business activity and the readiness of sellers to pay commissions to, in effect, whoever who places a link on their website. However, it is quickly becoming normal in United Kingdom trade and affiliate program providers are appearing and offering the service to be the conduit, bringing together advertisers to affiliates and offering technical help in things like link production, monitoring, collecting and sending the commission payments to affiliates.

Now, none of this is going to make a bit of difference to the advertiser unless the affiliate marketing web pages bearing their link is seen and so it is essential that anyone considering having a go at affiliate marketing knows a bit about effective SEO as well as otherwise you are going to can spend a lot of time and a bit of money on procuring your site, setting it up, selecting your partners and getting the adverts and links. And yet it’s pointless unless you can work your page on the search engines in a place where potential visitors can find it and go to it.

This is an exciting expansion to the Osiris Web Services business portfolio and the plan in the next few weeks is to get the initial shop finished, it is already going well, and as soon as the SEO is in place then I have ideas for more affiliate marketing sites to put in place over the next year.


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