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The Mbs 2.0 Bonus

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Internet marketing has long been a passion of mine, I started learning about internet marketing while still in middle school. I bought cory rudl’s internet marketing educational course and learned so much from it and it gave me a vision of what kind of internet business and internet lifestyle that I wanted. Ever since middle school I have spent money on internet marketing educational products and have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars.

This doesn’t count the internet marketing and business training that I have gotten for free thanks to friends and generous people in the industry who have been there to help me out. During this time I have learned about web marketing at a deep level. As of this month I have been working from home as an internet marketer for 2 years now and am very proud of what I have created so far but I am only getting started and plan on expanding my product sales and reach much further and also building several brands solely online to start as well.

I now have several information products and also do affiliate marketing as well. My traffic and sales numbers are increasing on a monthly basis because I am really starting to learn it well and am tracking my results better than I ever have too so that I can improve them. The two most important aspects of any online business are traffic and conversion. You want your traffic number to increase along with your conversion rate as well. When this happens your income increases and your business grows very fast like many other online businesses do when they figure this out.

There are many places that you can buy traffic online, and you can also get traffic for free as well. You have access to thousands of free website visitors just by getting ranked in the search engines through seo and search engine optimization. You can also generate a large amount of traffic from social media sites like youtube, facebook and twitter. Just share high value content on these sites and point them back to your website.

Traffic is the easy part, but the part where most people fail or don’t do a well enough job is the conversion side of things. Conversion is important because your website needs to convert in order for you to buy more and more traffic and grow your business. If your conversion rate is too low you cannot buy more traffic to grow your business. When your conversion rates are high you can buy more traffic and continue to grow your business.

The magic bullet system 2.0 is the newest and most innovative way to track your traffic and your complete marketing or promotional campaign online to it’s very depth. When you use this system you can track every aspect of your campaign and if it doesn’t work you can figure out what part of the promotion is broken so that you can fix it and get the campaign working and scale it quickly through multiple traffic sources. The biggest thing keeping small online marketers and small online business owners from becoming big business owners is tracking and scaling. When you track every part of the process and fix what’s broken you can make your marketing campaigns and make them successful to scale your business.

You can find the best magic bullet system bonus for you and your business by picking what you want below!

Take care!

David King

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