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The Best Ways to Use SEO to Get More Exposure For Your Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook is fast becoming a popular platform for Internet marketers and small companies. Learning to leverage the power of Facebook marketing will enable you to reach out to a huge audience quickly and effectively. Perhaps the best way to do this is by making a fan page so visitors can follow you and receive regular updates about things that are relevant to your brand. But there is a growing competition when it comes to fan pages because everybody wants to be a part of the limelight and get the maximum number of people joining their page. You’re going to need to do a little “out of the box” thinking in order to make your page really stand out. Taking the time to do a little search engine optimization for your fan page is a great way to go. Get the maximum possible exposure for your Facebook fan page by following these excellent search engine optimization tips Article Marketing Tips.

A common sense tip would to be get a high number of inbound links to your Facebook fan page because they help in boosting the page rank of your fan page. The same rules apply to a regular fan page; for example, the more inbound links point to your page, the stronger your page rank will be. You can grow your links by placing the “find us on Facebook” badges on your site. Fan Box widgets also include links to your page so using them is another good strategy.

There are certain default spaces where your readers can land, which you will find as soon as you start building your page. However, these areas provide reduced options such as your wall, links, information and more. This problem, though, can be resolved with FBML, which is an application designed to add more boxes and tabs into a fan page where one can include content that is better optimized. This way you can add even more links, images and text on your page by adding in more boxes. The benefit to you is that your general content score will increase. How does this benefit your page SEO wise? The likelihood of Google noticing your fan page is higher.

Lastly you should make your fan page more noticeable by making it different. You have to come up with ideas to ensure your page is unlike any other page. If you want a spike n organic traffic, you need to establish a connection with your visitors so you can show them you are different. Design your fan page creativity because it’s really important. Provide lots of value to your fans and you can’t go wrong SEO Tips.

You should now see just how valuable Facebook pages are to getting exposure to your brand. And by optimizing your page for the search engines you’re opening new doors for targeted traffic and better returns. You won’t need to do everything at the same time, as you can go slowly to get the most out of your search engine placements. Give your fan page some time to grow and reach a higher level.

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