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The Art of Writing Articles For Ever-Higher Conversions

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No joking at all; internet marketers have been using the advantages of articles in their marketing since way back in the day. There are probably millions of IM marketers using article marketing for all kinds of reasons, and the results speak for themselves. The key to success with articles, one of them at least, is to make darn sure they are read – and that comes down to your writing and strategies within your writing. Given below are 3 simple tips to help you write articles that people will like reading and get you the exposure you want. The best keyword research tool is Market Samurai but many aren’t aware that it is much more than that.

If someone takes some time to read your article, and they finish with the thought that it was a waste of time; then they will be reluctant to read you again. No matter what you do, one of your main goals is to write helpful, informative articles that preferably do not contain old, recycled information. No matter what the article length, meaning even if it’s shorter than 500 words, cram it full of great content and information. Without giving away the entire store, give your readers enough to tease them, make them like what you did give them, and make them compelled to want to click through because they want more great stuff. Always remember to give your market what they want, and need, in terms of information or solutions, etc. Extract some key information from a promotion and use that for an article, or series of articles, and that could serve very well for solid article content. So the key to success with article writing, especially for promotion, is to balance yourself between giving away good information and still hold on to the meaty part.

Always proof-read your articles and make sure the writing is smooth and flows easily. It is a good idea to read your article for different reasons such as typos, grammar, spelling, clarity, smoothness, etc. If you make it easy to read, then you will have a better chance of it being more interesting. There are many articles on the Internet that are informative but don’t have the flow. So many articles are lacking in basic good structure, so you’ll do well to work and focus on what you’ve just read.

Proof-reading followed by necessary revisions is a critical must-do stage of any writing that you do. It doesn’t make any logical sense to put in all the hard work to write an article but not proof read it. You would be surprised at how quickly little typos and grammatical errors can happen, and you never want the world to see that. People will think it is unprofessional, and they’ll think about you, too. If you have to, find someone else to proof your articles. That kind of feedback is extremely valuable, and you will learn from it.

There are other areas within article writing that will help you, so we encourage you to keep learning. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you need to serve the good of your business and your target audience. Check out Daniel Tan’s newest SEO course called SEO Business Box.

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