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Niche Profit Course Review – Get The Inside Scoop On The Latest Make Money With Amazon Course

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You have loads of ways to make money online if that is what you are interested in. Some are simpler than others. One way that is easier than most others and seems to be the flavor of the month at the moment is to utilise the Amazon referral program to small niche websites that don’t take very long to set up. One course that teaches this is Chris Guthrie’s Niche Profit Course. This article is a quick Niche Profit Course review and will assist you to determine if the course is for you and if you’ll be able to make money with the Amazon affiliate program.

Here’s a number of facts to begin with.

The course is a video course (for the main). It consists of 11 video clips (called modules) with two bonus modules along at the end. The first videos are roughly eight to 15 minutes long. As you get to the critical stage of the course, the video clips tend to get longer. The how you can make money with Amazon module is about 35 plus minutes long.

The course includes a WordPress theme that the author utilizes on his own niche internet sites. It looks like a first rate theme and there are some features on it that you won’t find with the common free themes. According to the author, these features make the web pages he produces convert site visitors into buyers. At this moment I’m still testing this ascertion.

The course is well supported by the author himself. Numerous internet website marketing courses have deficient support or are not very helpful. This is not the case with this course.

So in a nutshell what does the course teach ?

Well, it shows you the way to select a niche. How to evaluate the interest in the product or niche and as well how to guage the competition.

Afterward, it shows you the way to generate a wordpress site and place content on it. It then goes into the finer details of turning traffic into buyers. These insights are guided by the authors experience where he has produced Amazon product sales close to a million dollars. Hence he knows his stuff and this shows in the videos.

Mostly I do believe the course is a good course and it’ll allow you to make money if you take action and actually put together and promote a handful of web-sites. Throwing in a made to order theme for wordpress gives the course extra added value and justifies the cost for this course.

It’s a video course, that is certainly fine, however I think a pdf of the process or just notes on the process would make the product better. Folks like to be able to look at a hard copy away from the computer and it is a good reference guide without having to run the video clips each time.

All up, in spite of this a solid course which will enable you to make money with the amazon referral program provided you believe in it and take the appropriate action.

Learn more about this excellent course at niche profit course review where you will find an incredible Amazon niche website course bonus that will make it even easier to have a profitable niche website.

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