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Network Marketing: Understanding Buyer Psychology

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It makes little difference what you are selling. Whether you are marketing offline or online, it is still the same. If you are trying to create an income as an affiliate, you need to appreciate the buying psychology.

Buyer psychology is simply the mindset of a potential buyer. After seeing a product that interests them, they will take one of three possible actions. They may choose to buy it, not buy it or decide later. Each of these three groups require further consideration.

We may as well forget about the non buyers. They have made their decision, no dramas – plenty more fish in the sea. Assuming your product is as good as you said, you won’t have to worry anymore about the group of buyers.

The third category of buyers are those that are yet to make their mind up. Generally this is because they are doing their due diligence before they invest their money. They want to make sure that the product is worth the investment.

In western society, google is generally the first stop for research. They will check the first few listings and see if the information stacks up. People don’t often research further than this.

In the context of Network Marketing, you are the product. Lets relate what we have discussed to that situation. A potential business partner will research you in google. They will type in your name, or your company name and check out the results.

Your conversion rate depends on you owning the top few search results for your name in google. For best results you should aim to cover the first five pages. This broadcasts to any searcher that you are serious about your business.

To take this technique to the next level, these pages about you should be totally professional in their presentation. Videos should form an integral part of you strategy. It is almost expected, in this day and age, that online business people have a presence on youtube. Marketing yourself through articles is much more difficult than making a video.

How to Dominate Google?

Some sites are more likely to feature high in google. You need to be sure that you are creating the right kinds of profiles, with the right kinds of hosting to attract the right kinds of business prospects.

Your level of success in network marketing is dependent on your commitment to this technique. Make your 15hr work week goals a reality. Define your strategy and stick to it. Your perseverance will pay off.

15hr Work Week is an excellent internet educational resource with a free business development model for anyone to use. Follow this like for an introduction to my wealth awareness philosophy.. This article, Network Marketing: Understanding Buyer Psychology is available for free reprint.

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