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NABCEP Courses Including Certification Guidelines

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The NABCEP courses are a new industry standard to gauge the knowledge of somebody in the green energy field. It has become increasingly important due to the fact that there is a growing consumer market available today for green products. Is is the first standard of its kind in the consumer geared renewable energy industry. The certification was created due o the growing consumer industry and the need to gauge ones ability in the field.

It could be compared t as the ASE certification of the renewable product industry. Because there is a growing consumer market people need a way to ensure that technicians installing their products have knowledge in the field and they know what they are doing. Many people speculate that this market is getting ready to explode and without some sort of certification inexperienced people may try installing these products.

The solar field is one of the fields covered with certification. Not only to they offer a installer exam but they also test for solar technical sales skills and knowledge. There are prerequisites that are required for one to take the test. To qualify as an installer you must have at least forty hours of training in the solar installation field. Candidates must also have some work experience within the last two years before taking the exam.

To be eligible as a salesman you must also have knowledge on the solar industry. They require a two year degree in the renewable energy field. You must also have some sort of experience in the sales industry. People looking to take the sales exam must first pass the required entry level test before they are eligible to take the sales test.

The small wind sector is also given an exam by the NABCEP. Small wind is defined as a unit that generates less than 100 kilowatts of power to a home. These units are geared towards homeowners as well as small businesses that do not have very large power requirements. To take this test you have to first possess some training or work experience.

Because the industry keeps growing and the fact that there is now a large consumer demand it is important to ensure technicians know what they are doing. This is especially important when you consider it is not just big business using green energy but the small consumer as well. The consumer will now have an accreditation to gauge the installers knowledge of the equipment.

Some people in the industry are now offering affiliate programs to people in order to sell their renewable products. This may also be a good business to be involved with. The consumer market may very well be getting ready to explode and people have the opportunity to get into the consumer market on the ground floor. Some affiliate programs are currently being offered over the internet.

If you are in the renewable energy sector, specifically those that work with products geared towards the smaller consumer, then you will probably want to go through the NABCEP courses and get yourself certified. This will give you more credibility as the consumer market for these products continues to expand.

You need to take a look at solar certification, licensing and training now. We know you need to learn more on viable solar companies.

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