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NABCEP Courses As Well As Certification Rules

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People that work in the renewable energy field are probably going to want to look further into the NABCEP courses being offered today. It is a new standard that ensures technicians working with renewable energy products are qualified to do the job. It is a very new standard and has been fully accredited by the industry. The renewable sector has become large enough to where we needed a way to gauge a persons knowledge and skill on the subject.

It could be compared t as the ASE certification of the renewable product industry. Because there is a growing consumer market people need a way to ensure that technicians installing their products have knowledge in the field and they know what they are doing. Many people speculate that this market is getting ready to explode and without some sort of certification inexperienced people may try installing these products.

One of the fields that the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners covers is the solar sector. Not from a manufacturing standpoint but from a installers and sales standpoint. They work to ensure that installers have the required knowledge as well as the needed experience to set up consumer solar products. People taking the test must have training as well as some work experience with solar technology.

To be eligible as a salesman you must have at least sixty hours in solar training. It is also required that the candidate has a two year renewable energy degree as well. You also must have a years experience in sales to qualify to take the exam. You will also need to pass the entry level exam before being eligible to take the sales exam.

The small wind sector is also given an exam by the NABCEP. Small wind is defined as a unit that generates less than 100 kilowatts of power to a home. These units are geared towards homeowners as well as small businesses that do not have very large power requirements. To take this test you have to first possess some training or work experience.

With the renewable industry that continues to grow it has become important to provide some sort of prove that technicians possess the skills required. This becomes more and more important as renewable energy is now being made available to smaller consumers like homeowners. Just as they would not allow an unlicensed contractor in their home they want a way to gauge a persons knowledge when it comes to working on their renewable energy products.

Affiliate programs are also starting to pop up over the Internet. This may also be something that one might want to get into. This is because the consumer demand continues to grow and seems to be ready to explode. Affiliates still have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with green energy. This gives them the chance to compete with others in the market.

The NABCEP courses are accredited and will more than likely become very important for people working in the industry to have. It will give the technician more credibility over those that do not possess the proper certification. It is also a great way for the consumer to gauge a particular persons knowledge on the subject.

You should take a look at solar certification, licensing and training asap. We believe you should learn more about viable solar companies.

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