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My Lead System Pro – On the internet Network marketing Miracle or perhaps More Internet Waste?

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Now you may or may not have already heard about the online marketing system called My Lead System Pro, which previously was known as MLM Lead System Pro.

My Lead System Pro, abbreviated MLSP was started by Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer, and Norbert Orlewicz, three struggling MLM distributors who introduced the program in 2008.

There are many different elements to this MLM Online Marketing System and educational portal, such as the cutting edge weekly training webinars that My Lead System Pro (MLSP) puts on for members that are hosted by successful online marketers.

Within these educating online seminars, top online marketers explain the private tips on just how they create on-line traffic with Facebook, Twitter, adwords advertising, article Marketing,or even online video advertising and next ramp that into a deluge of lead supply of 15, 30, 55, or even 110 leads in a single day.

It is very amazing stuff really.

It’s like having the online world deciphered and brought down to a level pretty much anyone can understand and of course copy.

Then obviously there are the online marketing tools that “My Lead System Pro” also makes accessible to their users like the “off the shelf” lead capture sites that are ready to be used immediately, or maybe the even more advanced variations for the professionals where you point and click and have five or ten custom website marketing funnels installed and operating in much less than twenty minutes.

Then there are the other elements of the marketing system such as the professionally written auto-responder messages, the video hosting capability, the affiliate income streams, and on and on.

There are so many functions in the My Lead System Pro program, that to list all the items in a review may make it appear far more like a tech handbook than a useful tool.

Now the key element of this system is of course using the power of the internet to leverage your MLM business and to develop and process the large flow of leads necessary to achieve success in MLM.

MLM success is of course a function of numbers. The higher your volume of leads, the higher the volume of prospects, and of course the higher the volume of distributors that sign up.

I have always understood the concept of working the numbers to achieve success in MLM and I had even developed a low-tech, high-volume lead funnel system over 24 years ago and it was in fact that marketing approach that launched me to success in the MLM industry.

I know very well that to hit top earning status in any company you have to be able to bring 10+ people to the table as new distributors each month and then sift that down to the 20% Percenters that would form the base of you income and then somewhere over the next several months hopefully hit a magical 1% Percenter, and then bam!

Away you go!

Now they only problem is that what is effective in the marketing world seems to change from year to year.

That changing world of marketing had moved me from very small 8 line sizzle newspaper advertisements I used years ago that would produce as many as 100 leads per week, to advertising in magazines, then to telemarketing machines, then to fax blast advertising, to mass e-mail advertising, to resume database advertising, to internet job portal marketing, and on and on.

The marketing world never sleeps and it always evolves.

My search for marketing success is what drove me to finally search online where I found My Lead System Pro.

It was about 24 months ago, after I had signed up to develop a distributor team with a new MLM startup, that I saw my usual approaches just did not give me the quantity of good leads I needed to achieve success.

Now the problem is that when the volume is not high it leads you to want to maximize your leads which leads to the urge to chase prospects and that invariably leads to the powerful urge to destroy you phone at some point after having some lame follow up discussion you know you never should have been having in the first place.

Then my hunt for a fresh marketing technique led me finally online and then suddenly one day as I searched on the internet,

…bam, the solution appeared.

I discovered a My Lead System Pro capture page containing a online video of some man called Cedrick Harris from Tampa, FL explaining that I needed to be marketing online.

I could instantly see that it was the missing part that I was looking for, a training portal which would teach me how to take advantage of the power of the web to build my business and also supply me with all the websites, lead squeeze pages, auto-responders, and everything essential to capture and transform the leads to prospects and then to distributors.

Now there a couple of important things you need to understand about this marketing system.

1. The Learning Process: There will probably be a learning curve, however anybody can do it with some study. The only key would be not to try to do too much at once, learn one approach at a time then add others as you go.

2. Attraction Marketing Model: These systems are generic and can be used to build any MLM company. Keep in mind that since you are not advertising your Primary MLM company’s name but rather are generating leads generically, systems like this are in compliance with any MLM’s rules and regulations no matter how restrictive.

3. Funded Proposals: I adore this aspect. With techniques such as this you will make money as you generate leads, whether or not or not the leads ever join your main business. This is probably the one marketing program where you will actually generate a cash flow if you take the time to do it right. In the early days of building your downline, My Lead Program Pro will likely provide more cash flow than your Network Marketing business.

So do I Think My Lead System Pro is the lost ingredient that’s going to alter the course of your Network marketing life and at long last make you successful?

Maybe and maybe not …..

The real magic is not in just having a powerful on-line marketing system, but instead in learning that success in Network Marketing can be yours if you learn how to effectively generate a high volume of leads and do it consistently.

In my book trying to achieve success in a business model where 50%++ of the people drop out, by simply making a list of your friends and family and then trying to beat them into submission, is a little like taking a knife to a gunfight, your chances of survival are slim.

However when you learn the law of “Large Numbers” and then employ leveraged marketing systems and tools that can do the heavy lifting for you then you’re on the path.

Once you are on that path, systems like My Lead System Pro can give you not only the education you need to understand what you are doing but also the technology to leverage your marketing efforts.

Now by last estimates there are over 1.7 billion people on-line today. Here is an exciting thought, what would it do for your MLM business if you could reach out and tap into just a tiny fraction of that traffic?

Pretty exciting thought isn’t it.

Marc Barrett is a MLM Pro with over 25 years in the business. Because of his background in Marketing he has served on advisory boards of several MLM companies, & authored several MLM training programs. For an insider’s view of My Lead System Pro check out his full blog post. For a free business plan training on how to useMy Lead System Pro, check out his blog.

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