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Market To Your Own Cell Phone Get Away From Mine

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That doesn’t mean marketers can’t learn from the experiences of the pioneers. I recently sat down with Frederick Ghahramani, one of the founders of AirG, to try to understand what kind of marketing works on mobile phones. While there are lots of start-ups out there pledging to become the Google of the mobile device, Ghahramani thinks a better model for mobile is more retro: radio.

In the world of radio stations, Ghahramani argues, this 15 and 30-second places are not always the very best types of messaging, but rather, the contests and the in-store appearances by disk jockeys, and on the air competitions – fun-based activities that build human relationships with consumers and deliver some thing of value for them based on their passions and age.

Likewise, AirG provides advertisers banner ads, but some of their most successful campaigns involve contests and other loyaltybuilding endeavours. Some time ago, this helped to create a nationwide campaign to promote Boost’s Hookt, a cellular social network website revealed by AirG, together with West Coast Customs, a custom car shop well known to many viewers of MTV’s (Pimp My Ride). Included in the contest, Hookt customers can apply to win a new Dodge Charger tricked out by West Coast Customs. Adjustments involved “Pimp My Ride” luxuries such as Lexani Sterling Wheels, Toyo Tires and a Rex Billet grill.

Customers could enter the contest via Boost or via mail or the Web. More than 98 percent of the 1.6 million contest entries came via mobile. “There’s a lot of slots out there,” Ghahramani says, referring to the advertising inventory in the mobile world, “but there’s a lot more money to be made being creative.”

The main mistake inside mobile marketing is simply not understanding the relationship of a consumer and their particular cellular gadget, if you’re able to reach a possible buyer with an offer that is both interesting and useful you have not just gained a customer but a trustworthy digital follower. Which will out weigh and complicated advertising campaign from the largest ad organization with deep-pockets

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