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Making use of Unique Article Wizard For Website Link Building

June 14, 2011 by  
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Unique Article Wizard is an article distribution service which makes use of “spinning” so that you can prevent duplicate content material problems. It is utilized by affiliate marketers for creating hyperlinks to web sites and landing pages to ensure that they will rank in the search engines. This tool has revolutionized the way that marketers do article marketing campaigns by making it completely automated.

Let’s say you could have an internet site which is focused on dogs and you have a landing page which reviews an assortment of dog teaching guides. Imagine that the keyword phrase that you want your web site to rank for is Dog Teaching Guides. So naturally you put that phrase on your web site and in your page’s title and now you have to create backlinks to your internet site for that phrase.

So, what’s the purpose of creating back links? Well, search engines will rank websites high in the search engines if they feel that your site is relevant to the searched phrase. So, the more backlinks that you create to your internet site, the more relevant your internet site will seem to the search engines and thus get ranked higher.

You can use Unique Article Wizard to to create your back links on autopilot by logging into your account and writing a 300 word article with 2 links that will direct traffic to your site. You will then spin your article so that each submission will be unique. You should also spin your hyperlinks as this will cause various pages of your website to get back links with just one article submission.

Unique Article Wizard will send your article out to numerous web sites associated to your topic and every one of them will link back to your website on dog instruction guides. This will allow your website to rank much better for that phrase which in turn could assist you to make much more cash for your affiliate programs.

Unique Article Wizard puts article marketing on autopilot. Watch Unique Article Wizard in action at!

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