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Making Money From Amazon

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Amazon, the most reputable e-commerce web service has sold billions of worth products over the last years as it is totally saturated with hundreds of thousands of affiliates trying to make money from it. Thus get into such an industry is complicated and close to impossible if you still follow the old school tactics of Internet Marketing and product promotion. This short article is going to provide a quick how to on making low maintenance income model from amazon. Yes, it’s basically the promotion of products, whatever they may be.

Like mentioned before, amazon enlists a wide range of products like electronics, pet supply, accessories, etc. You can pick one or more products to get started with. The requirements are nothing other than a domain name and hosting as usual, plus the ability to write a 400 words review on the product (that’s the minimum word count) of a good sales page.

The selection criteria of the product determine the success and future of your business as an affiliate. Select a product that has more than hundred reviews and make sure that they are listed in the best-sellers’ category. Also, the rating must be at least 4 out of 5. In order to avoid risk and ensure long term sales, this criterion is really important and thus cannot be undone in your product selection process.

Let me make it clear. If you search for the term LCD TVs, the competition would be extreme. But if you go for ‘Samsung LCD TV’, it will be a bit lower but still not do-able. Again, if you search specifically, like “Samsung UN46C7000 LCD TV”, then you can see that the competition would be too low when compared to the generic phrases but still have a lot of sales per day.

So this is how you pick your product. Now, just write a complete review on the product and do the on-page SEO the right way. Then the off-page activities. And thus you will have good income stream with in a few weeks.

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