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Making Money Blogging- The Nontraditional Blogger

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Let’s look at nontraditional blogging compared to traditional blogging. They are radically different ways to make money online. While traditional blogging starts with creating a blog on a subject you enjoy. Followed by posting your writing on a daily basis. Then adding ways to make money. Now look at the nontraditional way bloggers make money.

Nontraditional blogging is more of a category of ways instead of one single way.

*Create a niche blog on a topic that people are actively looking for information on and then use YouTube, social media sites, and or aggressive link building campaigns to drive traffic to it.

*Become an affiliate marketer and build a blog around marketing one product. One example would be a website build to sell a specific model of the Apple MacBook.

*Keywords that have high PPC fees are prime targets for you to start a blog around. Once you are getting traffic you can either join Google’s Adsense program to place ads on your blog, join an affiliate network and place those ads on your site, or just charge businesses with related products and services to put advertisements on your site.

Let’s look at what separates nontraditional blogging from traditional blogging.

The main difference is that traditional blogging is a continuous activity. You write post every day. You have an opt in list of email subscribers. You seek to create a community environment (and basically become an internet celebrity). Your readers reward you by visiting your site again and again and again on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In time, and if done right, a traditional blog will become an authority site. One example would be the about website but on a smaller scale. For instance if you are into golfing, you might make a blog about all things related to golfing. Golf techniques, golf clubs, and the best golf clubs. You might even add a few YouTube videos with some footage on improving your golf swing.

Nontraditional blogging is a set it and forget or set it and check in once a month type of activity. You focus on a very narrow subject (an example might be tank tops within the shirt category). Then you load the site up with information (sometimes a lot of information and other times a little) on the topic. Although these sites do eventually gain some authority, they don’t achieve the level or authority that traditional blogs receive.

What makes some people choose to start a nontraditional blog instead of a traditional one? Mainly because nontraditional blogs on average make money faster than their counterpart. Nontraditional blogs can be built in a few hours versus taking weeks for a traditional blog. And with nontraditional blogs you cut out all daily maintenance requirements because you check it once a month.

Aisha Moore is an affiliate marketing blogger and nontraditional blogger. She shows people how to make money fast online using Google and Google Sniper. Visit her site today for a Google Sniper 2 Review.

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