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Magnetic Sponsoring: A Call to Action?

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The book Magnetic Sponsoring is written by a fellow named Mike Dillard. Now this course has been around for a while and really is the first of its kind when it comes to talking about the ideas of attraction marketing. Because it has been around for a while, this article is not really a Magnetic Sponsoring review. It is more just what I have learned through Magnetic Sponsoring, and how it has really benefitted me.

Before this book I was insanely frustrated. I had spent all this money going to local Chamber events, BNI, even putting fish bowls in peoples restaurants and I still wasn’t able to do jack. I was a 1 trying to recruit 10s, and none of them would have it! Since I was so sick of my warm market telling me no, and my upline was giving me no real useful advice, I turned to the internet and found Mike Dillard‘s book. It was the first solution that came up, and it was the first purchase I have made to better myself in the industry.

For one, it opened up my mind. It broadened the way I thought about things in network marketing. I had always wondered why someone was able to jump into an opportunity and just blow it out of the water like nothing. It was really eye-opening, and now I understand what ti means to be an influential person in my own sphere of influence. It made so much sense in fact, that I immediately got together all my contacts and began communicating with them very differently.

The idea of a target market intrigued me to. For the first time I realized there really is a segment of people out there who are more likely to buy from me than anyone else. The idea of target market has helped me sponsor many people that I never would had met had I not done so. It allowed me to grow a downline for the first time in my life, and helped me do some just really amazing stuff. So advice right now, if you can, research your target market then attack it with all your might!

Then something happened. As I was using these principles I had learned from the book, something very intriguing started to occur. Most people who were joining my mailing lists weren’t even really part of any company anymore. Well they were, just not very active. They were interested in getting help and by the time they got to me, it usually meant they had already gotten over exhausting all that they could with their upline sponsor. You see, most people are not committed to the company they are committed to the leader. Going in knowing this, it helped me a lot to sponsor people over to my own business.

What is really cool is you don’t even need to be making any money yet to be a leader. You just had to be adding value to the market place constantly. Leaders don’t start with money, they start with passion. The stuff that is talked about in Magnetic Sponsoring is very real, and can help you build the skeleton of your attraction marketing presence. Where you can literally have people banging on your internet door looking to join your cause, opportunity or buy whatever you are selling. For those who understands that it takes hard work to make this happen, I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring to you.

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