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Learn to tell the difference between Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Schemes

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A Legitimate MLM business is a wonderful opportunity to create a 5 or 6 figure monthly recurring income for you and your family. Network marketing is the process of sharing products and services with friends in an honest and productive manner.

Many people do not believe in network marketing because of all the illegal marketing schemes that are currently being naively promoted both online and off. From my experience these schemes usually entail someone being convinced to send money and normally a lot of money to your up-line. The product does not usually justify the money.

You can usually tell an illegal scheme because the company does not accept credit cards or you have to give the money to your sponsor instead of sending it to the company. These are real indications of problems that you need to look out for and avoid.

One tip for telling if a real network marketing opportunity is real would be to determine how often you have to purchase product.

There is no MLM opportunity if there is no monthly product purchase requirement.

Using a search engine to do research on the company and products will help you see what others are saying about the opportunity. This is the first thing you should do before joining.

Many people suggest that you place the word scam in front of the product or business name before you conduct your search to see if anyone considers it a scam.

People in the industry understand that network marketing provides a great opportunity for people to make money if they take their time and do enough research on the business before spending any money.

Talk to other people who have been recruited by the person trying to get you into the business. Read that distributor’s blog, chat with them on the phone before signing up.

Find some network marketing training and participate in that training before joining any business. Industry training can help you make the right choices and shorter your learning curve. Failure to get network marketing training can result in your losing money and wasting time.

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