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Keyword Research For Free Is The Best Way To Go

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While you were slepping Google has quietly released a new version of the external Adwords Keyword Tool to display the number of times a keyword is searched for, when you use it for keyword research. By now showing us Search Volumes for keyword phrases searched for their extremely popular search engine Google gives us a much more accurate idea, for the first time ever, of how often a keyword is used and this is very important news.

Before this new release all involved in affiliate and internet marketing would have had to use a paid keyword research service, such as Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, Wordze or Keyword Elite to create their keyword lists. The trouble with these services has always been that the amount of data they collect is small in comparison to what Google sees. On the other hand the number of searches recorded by Google is massive compared to what these traditional keyword services provide.

Up until now all the keyword research tool services available have just tried to estimate search volumes from the little data that they have, but at best these were only really best guesses and probably have never been very accurate. With no other tools showing anything any more accurate they are what have been used for years.

Now Google has changed everything and the new external keyword tool for Adwords displays much more accurate search volumes for real keyword phrases that have actually been searched for in Google by users of their popular search engine. So now if you want to do keyword research you can get everything you want from Google and the search volume data you get will be so much more accurate then the paid keyword tools.

The most amazing fact about this tool is that you can use it for free to do your keyword research. The tool was originally constructed for use by affiliate marketers to help them set up their pay-per-click campaigns with Adwords. Now however all you need to do is type the URL link into your browser and you can use the tools as often as you like and it is all free.

This is the biggest change in Internet marketing for a very long time and it is a very significant event. At last Google gives something back to the Internet community. However there are still many out there who cynically suggest that Google has a hidden agenda behind all this and some are not yet sure about the accuracy of Google’s data. However quick analysis of the new search volumes suggest that the accuracy is good, but more analysis needs to be completed before a final decision.

The other major aspect of what Google have just done is that there is a different free version of the tool so that geographically related data can now be discovered, enabling internet marketers to do keyword research specifically for individual countries such as the UK, France or even New Zealand. Thus this is now the best UK keyword research tool for keywords search for in only the United Kingdom.

Apart form the fact this new tool for Google is free this is also very significant and the paid keyword research services never provided any really useful keyword data for country locations anyway.

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