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It Isn’t Too Late To Earn Affiliate Income Merely By Taking advantage of Really cool Squidoo Pages

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A lot of people think that they squandered their opportunity to earn income with Squidoo pages. If you are among them, I have grand news: it is not too late at all. Perhaps this is the first you are hearing of Squidoo. Whatever the case, just continue on to the end of this article and you will understand how to use Squidoo to create income, without needing your own website and without spending any money.

Squidoo is a really cool website that lets anyone make their own web pages for free. They call each page a lens, like a camera lens, because they want your page to be like focusing a camera on one particular subject. If you want to write about a lot of subjects, that is fine. You just need to make one page per subject. You can have as many pages as you want.

So you probably want to know about the money; right? Well, there’s more than one way to make money with Squidoo. The first is to sign up for the sharing of their advertising revenue. That’s just of matter of logging in, clicking your profile page and changing your setting from charity to your PayPal account. It could not be simpler.

A single lens is not going to bring you much money, but a lot of lenses might bring you a bit of spending cash when you least expect it. Nobody is saying you’re going to get rich, but free money is free money.

For most people, the advertising sharing cash is chump change. They are interested in the affiliate marketing potential that Squidoo offers. It’s easy to get started. The first order or business is to pick the first company that you are going to become an affiliate for. Then you just make a lens that is on the topic of something that the company sells. It’s best if it’s something you already know about.

For the sake of example, let’s imagine that you are a karaoke freak. Well the, what better to promote, than karaoke machines and CDs? Do an Internet search for, Karaoke Equipment Affiliate Programs, and find one that you want to work with. Sign up for free and receive your affiliate link from them.

Next, write a Squidoo lens. It could be stories about some of your favorite experiences. It could be about tips that are meant especially for newcomers. Just write about it, and include pictures. Squidoo lets you put photos in and it’s really easy to do.

Then you can put your special link in the lens and say that if anyone needs equipment, you recommend this company. That way, whenever someone reads your lens and clicks onto your link, and then buys something from that company, you will get a percentage of the purchase price as a reward for sending the company those customers.

There’s this lady who calls herself Pot Pie Girl. She wrote the best manual on how to easily create really fun, effective and good looking Squidoo pages, and you can get it just for the asking.

If you are interested by finding out how to earn affiliate income I seriously recommend that you get a hold of your free Squidoo guide now!

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