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It Is A Truism That Affiliate Marketing Without Focused Search Engine Optimisation To Back It up Is Bound To Disappoint

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Since the company launched affiliate marketing as part of the activities involved with doing SEO, the job has had a greater impetus. The two actions go together very well and having the maggot drowning site means that there is now a direct commercial operation as well as the services provided to other websites.

The 1st job of affiliate marketing is to locate apposite affiliate programmes, hopefully with a wide range of advertisers who have lots of quality banners to make available for putting on the pages of the shop. The affiliate programme managers must also of course be trustworthy and reliable since it takes quite a lot of work to discover partners and get the agreement and organise your partners’ links and banners on your pages. Subsequent to that you are in the control of others as shoppers using you to click through to your partners could or could not buy, but if they do, you rely on the various bodies to pay the commission. But, and this is a big but and others will say gullible, my default attitude is to trust those I’m working with. This leaves me open to abuse I know, but that’s it, I will not be amending it.

The next thing of course is the SEO of the pages on the shop site. This is the nice part since in selecting which niche to get involved with in affiliate marketing, creating articles is made simpler by doing it about something you know about. Also, it makes it easier getting the site registered on business directories which is another really crucial thing involved in SEO as well as sending out press releases, tweeting about news of the site with links to the relevant pages, creating an RSS feed (copy to the Facebook page naturally) and making certain that all is in place for the search engine robots to feast on links and relevance to the pages.

The serendipity of SEO and affiliate marketing is a great one, they complement each other very well, one gives certain purpose to the other and if anybody is trying affiliate marketing without very dynamic search engine optimisation, they will not make any money. Naturally the same can be said of any website that doesn’t have a targeted online marketing strategy, because you can be positive some of your opponents have, and it is their websites that the business is being done, not at yours.

So while promoting my own affiliate marketing site and activity, I am also more than keen to execute proper, reliable search engine optimisation for anybody with their own affiliate marketing site, or any website come to that, on the basis it does not compromise my own, but that is very unlikely.


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