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Is Commission Overload a Scam?

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Commission overload module 1 the foundation: This entire module it is about understanding the sales process, it is like a sales training, like an offline sales training, like the fundamentals of the way they are going to sell, how to approach to the prospect, etc.. They explain their values and their bases of their business, what do they believe, etc… What is CPA, what are leads; something very interesting is that they are teaching things they are applying. The course is based in 2 main values: a) Create a big company. b) Cash as fast as possible. This module comes divided in 6 videos which are about: a) what is CPA? b) How to get accepted to any CPA. c) An exact script to be accepted to any CPA. d) The right way to approach a CPA manager. e) The requirements to be accepted in ANY CPA network. f) What to answer when you have your phone interview with the Affiliate manager. g) How to sell anything to anybody (they explain the selling process, because it is more important the process than the product)

h) the most profitable type of employment that does not even need any specific license or education requirements. i) What is the 2 more important parts of selling? j) The different between a business and affiliate marketing. k) How Steve Jobs can help you to sell more. l) How actual facts about your products can actually hurt you to sale more. m) How to close a deal (and it does not have anything to do with getting the money). n) The biggest single reason why people fail to sell anything. o) What is the biggest time waster when you are a sales man? p) the most important characteristic your prospects need to have in order to be the perfect prospect. THE COURSE IS BASED IN LEARNING 2 THINGS AND 2 THINGS ONLY: HOW TO SELL. HOW TO CLOSE THE SALE. In this module there is 1 entire video dedicated to teach you how to sell, this video is called “Selling part 2″ (weird isn’t, but there is other video called selling part 1 where they explain you more the logic behind the sales process and stuff like that), this video contains: a) The difference between make money (hustling) and creating a business. b) The process on the sales process (mostly offline) and they transform it into the online form. (Introduction, Demonstration/showing/walk around/ pitch, close, payment, after the sales contact.) c) The difference between closing and payment. d) The importance of following the steps in order to get the sale done e) And how each one of the steps help you with the next one. f) The difference between FEATURES and BENEFITS. (they give you a very good example with pens, very easy to understand) g) They give a lot of examples about how to apply this into the technical world (an example about SEO and another example about WordPress about how to sell them better, if you are on the offline world this is going to help you as well) h) They explain how to use the problem -solution approach to close the sale. I personally did not like this videos because he does not explain a deeper level of marketing, he is not qualifying the prospects and he is more into the cold calling, nagging bother the client process which as you know I am not into it, nevertheless passing this phase when he explains very well some things about the sales process to me the most valuable part may be the part when he explains the difference between features and benefits, that change has make a huge impact in my business. There is an entire video just about closing the deal and this is what you are going to get there: a) How to transit from your presentation to the close smoothly. b) The words you need to pay attention in ANY STAGE of the sales process in order to close the sale. c) There is something like 5 slides and more than 13 minutes about rejection. d) They talk about how to point out real buyers from time wasters (AGAIN THIS IN MY OPINION IS WITH THE OLD COLD CALLING MENTAL FRAME, so they do not explain anything about how to qualify the prospect better, instead they assume that everybody is there to buy) e) There are several techniques where they explain how to overcome the price issue.

Buying signals video, there is an entire video about buying signals and this is what you will see in it: a) the definition of the buying signals. b) How to read this buying signals. c) How to take advantage when the prospect already bought the product /service in his “mind” d) “Strike while the iron is HOT”: How to take the order in the precise moment you have to. e) They give very specific examples of buying signals.

The last video on this module is about TELE MARKETING: a) they explain how to set appointments by phone. b) They tell you what is the WORST opening line which by the way it is the most common opening line. c) The opening line that have worked from them with an appointment setting of 40%. d) They give you the exact phrases to start cold calling and make a “killing”.

I did not like this last video personally because I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT COLD CALLING IS THE BEST WAY TO MARKET, , but that is just my opinion, I have better techniques to acquire clients than that, but give it a try if you think this is the way to go.

Is Commission Overload a Scam?

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