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Internet Marketing Misconceptions- What You Must Know

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If you have been in online marketing, you understand that it is not easy for a beginner who is plagued with a lot of wrong ideas. It gets hard to differentiate the myth from reality, which is an important step towards your success. In this article we are going to uncover 3 internet marketing wrong impressions that many people think are real. Link Building is the core of any SEO campaign and it is something you must know if you want to get free traffic.

The biggest misconception that you need to be aware of is that there is no huge cost involved with selling things online. If that was actually true, you wouldn’t see all these new people trying to get into the business. There are lots of techniques that you can use to advertise goods on the internet and that means you shouldn’t have to pay very much. You also must think about the fact that you won’t be using Pay per click or any other types of advertising you have to pay for so an investment shouldn’t be an issue. Writing articles always works to get you exposed like you want and it doesn’t cost anything to begin. There’s also the fact that video marketing is getting very popular and people are getting lots of visitors from the videos they’re making. Of course search engine traffic is also great and that’s one thing you can count on when you have nothing else to turn to. Search engine traffic doesn’t cost anything to get and yet it’s extremely specified and always relates to what subject you’re dealing with. Once you start off with your first Internet marketing venture, you’ll realize that it doesn’t cost anything initially. When you get your business off the ground, you should invest your money back into your business so that you can advertise to more people.

The second internet marketing myth is that it’s necessary to also be indexed in the much smaller search engines out there. All of the other search engines, beside the big three, are of various sizes and even purposes regarding target market. For years, Google has dominated search traffic, and it still is the majority ruler in terms of percentages of search engine traffic. However, focusing on other small search engines will definitely not help as much because they don’t have high traffic volume. But by all means, test it out if you want, just be sure you understand what the deal is going into it. So instead of focusing your efforts on registering for that many small search engines, you should try and get ranked in the major ones. We think the majority feels the major engines provides them with all they need as long as they their part to capture it. Article research is extremely time consuming. This is where Instant Article Wizard comes into play as it will automate the entire process saving you time and money.

One common myth is more of a mis-perception, and it has to do with interpreting your site/blog hits when you look at your raw server logs. Hits to your site is one thing, but if no conversions are happening then you have to look deeper and ask some questions. Traffic is great any time, but it can be a false sign of ‘success’ especially if the number of conversions is stable at big zero. Also, the source of your traffic is really important here because the more relevant it is, the higher will be the chances of it converting.

All in all, this article has taught us that if you want to be successful in internet marketing, you have to be knowledgeable about its complex details.

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