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Insider Tips For Getting Approved by Affiliate Networks

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There was a time when applying to an affiliate network was mainly a formality, and you could be fairly sure you’d be approved. These networks, however, have gotten a lot stricter, and now they’re extremely selective about who is approved. If you know how to go about it, you can still manage to get accepted by many networks, even if you don’t have much experience as an affiliate. What, then, is the right way to apply? We’ll now share some of the best ways to increase the likelihood that an affiliate network will let you in.

Be Ready to Describe Your Marketing Plan: Affiliate managers like to know that you have a strategy for promoting their offers before they approve your application. You should be ready to describe the specific marketing techniques you’ll be using, as the networks will usually want to know this up front. They may very well ask you outright, “What methods will you be using to promote offers for our network?” When you promote an offer, will you build a special landing page, blog or website for it? Do you plan to use email marketing to promote our offers?

Is the traffic you’ll be generating organic or do you use paid traffic methods? You have to be prepared to answer these and similar questions to show the affiliate network that you have a plan. In order to weed out new affiliates who don’t really know how to promote, these networks want to be sure you’re prepared with a definite marketing strategy.

Give Them a Valid Phone Number: In order to be accepted into most networks, the manager will first want to call you to make sure you’ve given them a real phone number. There are some affiliate networks that won’t call you, but you have to be ready for this, particularly if you’re applying to CPA networks, who are more likely to require this. This is why you should be prepared to answer the phone when they call you. You may want to get a new phone number that’s used exclusively for this business so you can be sure that you won’t miss any calls. Some things you want to avoid is having silly sounding ringtones or unprofessional voice mail or answering machine messages. Answer the call in a confident way, so you convince the manager that you’re well qualified. Your phone interview is crucial for your application acceptance, which is why you need to be so prepared for it.

The Location of Your Traffic: Affiliate managers will be interested to know what part of the world you get your traffic from, as this affects your results. The preferred answer to this question is, “I get most of my traffic from the US.” If you live in North America, you have an advantage here; if not, you may have to work a little harder to convince them that you can get the kind of traffic they want. As long as you can convince the affiliate network that you’re able to get traffic that’s mostly from the US, it won’t matter where you’re located. You just have to use a convincing tone, so that the affiliate manager interviewing you doesn’t have any doubts. The more seriously you approach affiliate marketing, and the more time you take to learn the business thoroughly, the more success you’ll have in every aspect of it.

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