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Improving Website Crawl Rates

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There isn’t a successful marketer around who won’t tell you that Google is a vital tool to master in order to get loads of free traffic to your site. Improving the crawl rate of your site is another great way to get even more free visitors from the Google beast. Some sites are crawled every other day, while the others don’t see the bots visiting for weeks together. You’ll see plenty of different things you can do to improve the flow of traffic to your site but few will have the same long-lasting impact that improving your site’s crawl rate will have.We hope to broaden your knowledge base of Go Click Cash, and in so doing enable you to be more informed.

If you really want to make an impact on your search engine crawl rate make sure you optimize website photos and not just the written content. Sites that have images will take a big hit by not having images that are optimized properly for better search engine performance. This can mean your website will have a dismal search engine crawl rate. How do you do this? There are several things that you need to consider when optimizing your images such as taking care of the “Alt Attribute”, using your keyword in the file name, resizing them the right way, using the right captions, etc. The steps are simple but the impact they’ll have on your crawl rate are significant.

It’s important to be consistent about updates for your site. There’s only one problem with this statement; ten people can read it and get ten different meanings from it. It doesn’t mean that you must start killing yourself to update your site several times a day it just means that you need to include regular updates in your site building routine. Google prefers sites that update often and will send their spider bots to these sites more often to check for updates. This is one small thing that Google does in an effort to provider a superior service to those who use their product and ensure that they are getting the best value for their search efforts.In a moment, you will be able to find out something that I think can make all the difference when you are searching for Income Instruments.

Try logging into your Google Webmasters account and increasing your Google crawl rate manually. This is a feature that appears to be reserved for sites that have a long history and isn’t always available for newer sites. It might seem like something small or even insignificant but it does have a major impact on how often your site is crawled by Google bots.

Make your site as valuable to readers as you can and in the process you’ll find that you’ve made a good match for the search engines too. You see, adding value is the number one way, by far, to get those important spider bots to crawl your site more frequently. Google’s bots and visitors alike will find it hard to deny the appeal of a site that is filled with informative content.

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