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I Have To Have A Proper Occupation As My Ideas Are Taking Too Long To Work Than My Resources Can Allow

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I need to get a job. And quickly as unless something changes and I start earning a regular income that we can live on I’m going to have to go on the game. This may be fun, but probably not too money-spinning unless vast quantities of women like their men on the comfortable side. Of course what I’d rather do is carry on and work from home, do my SEO and affiliate marketing stuff and allow myself to spend Friday afternoons out by the river with my fishing tackle instead of considering a commute home.

I do love doing what I’m doing in mixing SEO and affiliate marketing to promote my fishing tackle shop as it allows me to work at home, support Mrs Izzard during her cancer treatment which has now finished as far as chemotherapy and radiotherapy but she will be continuing treatment with Herceptin for the next 12 months. I am also able to drive the school run to take my son to kindergarten in the afternoons. And of course, if I get a break, I can grab my fishing rods and make a dash for the fishery for a few hours.

I would lean to an SEO job that permits me to carry on the skill set that cost me so much to acquire, not just in paying for the course but the longer term expense in using my own savings until I knew for sure I’d been swindled and the ‘guaranteed’ work that was assured in the initial advert was never going to materialise. And of course they are my most up to date skills, I use them everyday as doing SEO and affiliate marketing work has a very pleasant symbiosis.

However, though I have no doubt that my fishing tackle shop will provide an income, it will not occur soon as SEO takes a while to actually make a major difference. It would be perfect if it was immediate as you could get it done and then be elsewhere with the fishing rods and leave the search engines to point the shoppers to the website and then make commission from the affiliate marketing firms allocating commission from fishers getting fishing tackle from my partner sites.

So, I want to find a job. It does mean that it destroys the long term scheme of having lots of affiliate marketing outlets and doing the required SEO for them but never mind, schemes very rarely go smoothly and it would be superb to go back to being with other people again. When I was going to Wolverhampton every day to take my wife for radiotherapy, it was quite cool to be doing a daily drive again. I know it would become very wearing very quickly, but at the moment it is quite an appealing notion.

Ooh, a thought! Perhaps someone will pay me to become a professional angler and fishing tackle industries will pay me wodges of cash to endorse their fishing rods, and if I get an iPad maybe I can do SEO and affiliate marketing while I am working by the water? Or it could be they won’t. Stick with the real world old chap and get a recognised job.


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