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Huge Profits-In Niche Markets

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The most success in internet marketing profits is finding a profitable niche and concentrating your efforts onto monetizing that niche market. As you ask any successful marketer what their key to success is and you will get different answers. However the main key is just as stated above find a profitable niche and exploit it. So what is niche marketing and how do we make money from it.

This article will go over exactly how to do that.

A monetizable niche market is, at its simplest, that part of a crowd that is hungriest.

A hotdog stand outside a restaurant isn’t likely to do much business, but put the same stand outside a cinema or theater and it will sell out. The people walking past are similar, but some are hungrier than others.

The trick to successful niche marketing is to be able to identify which parts of an audience are ready to buy and to aim all your efforts at persuading them to buy via you.

Lets say someone is searching the keyword FOREX, that person is certainly searching for something, but we have no real idea of their intent. The search term is to broad, chances are they are just looking for basic information to get some back ground information.

There are over 235,000 searches for the term FOREX everyday and you could spend a huge amount of time and effort attempting to funnel a share of that traffic and have nothing in the end for it.

They are lookers, not buyers.

The next step up after they have done their background research would be for them to search on a manufacturer, so ‘Nikon Digital Cameras’ might crop up. Is this a niche market keyword? Not yet. They are warmer, but not yet hot. They are still finding stuff out, comparing models and checking price ranges.

They are getting ready to Buy, but they still are not yet buyers.

We want our sales page to really zero in on the niche inside the topic. However, you would still want to put up a page on the broad topic, with a lead capture. Use a White Label report for list bait.

So, having decided that they like Nikon cameras more than the competition the next step – the buying step – is for them to narrow their research down even more to a particular model.

Someone who searches on ‘Nikon D40 Digital Camera’ is in the market to buy. They know what they want and now just need to be reassured and pointed at Amazon.

So a brand name can be a niche market, but not a great one. The number of people searching is not that important because many are not really buyers. We must also look at the overall websites we are in competition with.

The Perfect niche is where there are many hot buyers, but few websites filling the need.

if you find a huge amount of searches and 2 million websites competing, that is way to much competition.Just move on.

You are getting closer to the money, but not quite yet.

A few more minutes work and the following products emerge: Samsung T550 Camera, Polaroid Pogo Camera and Fuji Waterproof Camera. Between them they attract over 10,000 searches per month, but none have more than 7,000 competing web pages already out there. Now that’s competition we can set about beating!

In niche Marketing you are looking for the biggest return on your investment. The skill you need to hone is Keyword Research. You want to be able to find the best Keywords(long-tail) with the least amount of competition.

when you find the hot keywords, go build a site that is authoritative as possible. Fine tune it with proper SEO. Get quality back-links through Article Marketing. Rinse and repeat, sit back and watch your business take off!

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