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How To Set Up Mini Niche Sites

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Most of the people who work online are in need of consistent income. It doesn’t matter which one we prefer to make a living, (adsense or internet marketing) the source of our income must be capable of delivering the same for the years to come. Although business models and emergence of new trends are always unpredictable, it’s still possible to make a smart move by choosing the strategy that is more promising than the commonly available ones.

At present, this article will be talking about adsense oriented niche website which has not more than 10 pages of content that is not too long nor too short. 500 would be an optimum word length. First thing you have to do is brainstorm keywords. First select a generic keyword phrase like chair or truck or whatever it may be. Just insert them into google keywords tool. Now in the exact match mode, find out 10 keywords that have a monthly global monthly search volume not less than 1000 and local search volume not less than 700.

Now what? Find such 10 keywords. Always try to find out keywords that are closely related to the main keywords so that you will eventually get ranked for those keywords too in the long run. Now register a domain and install wordpress in it. Install All-In-One-SEO-Pack in it. Now start writing content for your 10 keywords. So 10 pages of content is published on the site.

You can use article marketing to get traffic as well as backlinks to the individual pages of your site that is enriched with potential keywords. The thing is that you have to do article marketing for at least the first 3 months of your project. And not all of your backlinks will be counted as soon as they are live. It will take a few months for each and every backlinks to get counted. But in the long run, most of your activities will pay off. For example, if you build 2 backlinks in each article you submit and you keep on doing it for 3 months, then you will end up with 360 backlinks finally.

So once you mastered how to get traffic with the help of article marketing or various other ways, then you would certainly realize how much money you can make in a consistent form. Not all the business models exhibit such consistency. So you should try to make the most out of it by being legit as much as possible. It’s that simple.

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