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How to Keep Your WordPress Blog Focused on SEO

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Since WordPress comes as a complete package with everything ready, making it very easy to create a blog. When trying to get your blog to rank highly in the SERPs, there are certain variables that are important to keep in mind, like the following:

Get Your Keyword in the Title: A webpage’s title is critical to the search engines, because it is what appears in the results of a search conducted by a user. While it still should be done with finesse, you should make sure that the title of your webpage includes your main keyword. Placing the keyword in the title does not mean that you should go out of your way and stuff your keywords in it. Your title should be meaningful and it should be the results of some creativity. The title to clearly inform potential visitors of what your site is about. If a particular keyword creates a disjointed effect in the title, then you are better off not including it at all. Even though your keyword in the title is important, not at the expense of quality.

Activate Trackbacks: When you log in to WordPress, you will find an area referred to as Trackbacks, that features a long list of blogs, especially those that have already linked to you. If you find that trackbacks is disabled on your WordPress, make sure you enable it because it encourages others to link to your blog and gets you quality backlinks from other relevant blogs. An important component in SEO is creating links to your site, which is why you should focus and get as many links as possible, but remember that trackbacks are a great way to get one-way links.

Proper XHTML Code This is an essential step in relation to producing a solid WordPress site that provides results. There are several reasons why your site should be validated according to the standards of the World Wide Web. Even if you do not familiar with HTML, it will not be hard for you to catch on. Go to the W3C Validator and key in the name of your blog. If you notice that it does not validate, then just go through the instructions and fix the problem.

Getting your website to validate will make sure that there are not any factors that will deter it being ranked well by the search engines.

After you get the hang of proper SEO techniques for your WordPress site you’ll see the results come rolling in. When you make providing quality content your primary focus and sprinkle in a liberal amount of SEO techniques you’ll see major success that is sure to last.

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