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How To Intelligently Outsource To A Content Writer

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You can make your content writer outsourcing/hiring a much more rewarding experience if you understand that process. We will cover a few of the more important items to bear in mind when you undertake this process.

Bottom line is you may spend close to a month finding someone who is really right for your project. There is an adage with the offline world, hire slow and fire fast, and that is very true about hiring slow for any position. Decide if you need specialized writing experience in your niche or if you want to go exclusively with proven experienced writers. Write out a list of things you want to check and use as criteria for hiring somebody. This minimizes the chances of you making any mistake while hiring which will cost you money.

Then it only makes real good sense to do as we suggested and go with smaller scale jobs, first. Then if all works out well, it is a quick decision to let them go with something more substantial.

The samples that you go through should give you a clear idea as to what level the writer is on, and if it would be right to hire him based on his command over the language. However with all that said, we want you to be satisfied obviously because it is your business, and this will be just another business decision for you to make.

One thing that is very common is looking into some kind of reasonable discount if you think the order will merit. Content writers for hire love getting long-term work, and so they will work with you about that. Never try to rip-off your writers, and from their point of view it is like a writer giving you plagiarized content – not a good thing. If you are really cheap, then you can find cheap writers everywhere, but remember the issue about quality.

There are do’s and don’ts with hiring a freelance content writer, but there is nothing hard to understand or do. Once you have talked to a few writers, then it will all feel a lot more comfortable. It naturally depends on what you want, and some people knowingly hire cheap writers who deliver poor content, so who are we to tell you what to do other than always go with quality – just our opinion.

No wild boasts about formula 1 lotto system… apologies! But that may not be an issue if you know all about Heartburn No More. It’s up to you – and easy enough to find out.

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