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How to Inspect Your PPC Account for Click Fraud

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Investing your hard earned money into a PPC campaign to generate targeted traffic to your site can be one of the smartest business decisions you make. However, in order to safeguard your investment and to get a higher return on it, you need to first take the necessary measures to prevent click fraud from happening on your PPC account. There have been numerous occasions in which click fraud could have been eliminated if the advertiser had done the right things. If you do not want to be a victim of click fraud, then read the following article. This will show you the things that you can put in place so that your pay per click campaign will not be harmed by fraud.While this is all relevant to your discovery, a few items about Killer Content carry more weight than others.

Create an Unusual URL. That does sound technical, but it is easy to do. Basically what that means is that you just need to create a unique URL for your sales page that will work with your PPC campaign. Just clone your sales page and then save it under another URL. A simple way to do this would be if for example your website is selling “health supplements” and the main website URL is, just add a forward slash and the word product to the end and save it and it will like this You can also make a sub-domain page in much the same way such as Then you can use these cloned sales pages for your PPC campaign. This will filter out all the other types of traffic coming to your site since your cloned page will only be getting the traffic coming from your PPC campaign. This page shouldn’t be linked anywhere else because otherwise it can weaken the traffic. You will want to watch the visitors coming just from your PPC campaign.

Geotarget Your Ads the Correct Way: One simple way to stop click fraud from occurring is to be certain that you are geotargeting your ads in the correct way. If you don’t sell your product to customers outside of USA, then make sure your ads don’t appear on sites that are outside of this particular country. This will not only aid you in reducing click fraud, but it will help you to get targeted traffic, which will help you to keep your money safe. So when you’re doing your keyword research keep this one thing in mind and be careful about geotargeting the wrong locations.

Watch Your Competitors: With more companies entering the internet arena and getting more competition, it has become an everyday thing to see click fraud occur between various competitors. There are those businesses who have resorted to using click fraud against their competing companies. This is why you should track those advertisers who have your same keywords because they could potentially use click fraud against you. There are a lot on internet tools that can help you see click fraud and where it is coming from and if it is coming from the competition.In mere seconds you can discover a few possibly surprising pieces of information concerning Cash Renegade Bonus that we think you will really like.

Click fraud is preventable as the article above shows, if we do the right thing at the right time. You deserve quality results if you are paying for traffic by running a PPC campaign.

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