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How to Guarantee Your Acceptance in an Affiliate Network

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The past two to three years has produced more and more people who want to make extra money online, and they typically go with either straight affiliate marketing or Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing. But many have hard time getting accepted by CPA networks, but today we will help to make that a little less troublesome.

Do Some Research: Before you apply to an affiliate network, make sure you understand the basics of what they’re looking for. If you come across as a complete beginner who knows nothing about affiliate marketing, most affiliate networks won’t be too anxious to approve your application. So if you’re not familiar with some of the basic concepts of internet marketing, take a little time to educate yourself. You’ll be required to fill out various fields in the application, along with a follow-up phone interview. If you can show the manager of the affiliate network that you’re well versed in the basics of the industry, he or she will be much more likely to approve your application. It’s not necessary to get carried away; you should just be able to tell the manager what kind of site you have, how you’ll be getting traffic and what kind of offers you’ll be promoting.

Have a Working Phone Number: One requirement you’ll have to fulfill is being able to answer the phone to verify your phone number. Although you won’t find all affiliate networks calling you, the majority will, especially the ones that exclusively deal with CPA offers. So it’s important that you give them a valid number and that you’re available to answer when they call. You may want to get a new phone number that’s used exclusively for this business so you can be sure that you won’t miss any calls. You should also have your voice mail set up in an efficient way so that if you do miss a call that it sounds like you’re running a real business. Answer the call in a confident way, so you convince the manager that you’re well qualified. Just be aware that phone interviews are part of the process for being accepted into affiliate networks.

A Simple Action to Increase Your Chances: You can improve your chances of getting accepted by an affiliate network simply by calling them after applying online.

While some affiliates belong to lots of different networks, this is certainly not essential for you to do well in this industry. Once you’re approved by even a single network, you’ll be in a position to promote offers and start earning money. Belonging to one network will also put you in a better position to get approved by others as you become more experienced. That’s why you only really need to get into one network at first, as this will eventually make it easy to get into others. Since the real challenge is getting accepted by that first network, you’ll need some patience and determination to ensure you don’t give up too soon.

Getting approved by affiliate networks is the first step towards getting started with your affiliate business, which is why it’s so crucial. In this article, we’ve covered some practical ways to more easily get accepted by affiliate networks, so now it’s time to get started!

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