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How to Get a Better Adwords Quality Score

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Driving targeted traffic to your website is all about knowing which method’s going to work for you. If you plan on using Google AdWords or are using it already, you should always do everything you can to improve your AdWords Quality Score. The AdWords program uses its own system to test how effective a campaign is and your Score will increase if yours measures up. Having a high Quality Score will help you in more than one way – you’ll be able to get more clicks at lower costs. Since it is relatively simple to implement, the advice in this article can be applied immediately to help grow your quality score.Traffic Travis Review

Fine-Tune Your Campaign: You can fine-tune your campaign to improve your clickthrough rate. These adjustments might seem to be too small to matter but they can have a pretty important effect on your Quality Score. You can change things like your call to action according to feedback, content of the ad, changing up your display URL and so on. Every change you make will impact how your ad performs, meaning that these changes could lead to a boost in CTR.

Landing Pages Are Critical: A successful Google AdWords campaign is make up of many different things, especially the landing page, which is a critical element. Not only will your conversions go up thanks to your landing page but you will also save money on your campaign. How can this be done? A high quality score means a lower bid which leads to lower expenses. Just remember that your landing page needs to have highly relevant content that goes with the content of your ads. The content should be unique and substantial so that there is nothing lacking in your landing page. Also, create an ‘About Us’ page and link it to your landing page, it will make it more relevant and quality. Google sees “Privacy Policies” as essential which is why you should link to one in your landing page.

Remember To Do Split Testing: Split testing is an essential practice when it comes to Adwords, even if your Quality Score is fine. Even if you have a great Quality Score, the best approach to Adwords is to constantly seek ways to make your ads more effective. Keep testing ads against each other so that you can keep on improving your click through rate and rise above the others. While it does take some work to split test constantly, this is one of the best ways to raise your Quality Score. Try all kinds of variations in the way you word your ads and find out what people respond best to.Passive Niche Profits

Increasing your AdWords Quality Score is not all that hard as long as you are doing the right things at the right time. If you are only just beginning, it could take a while for you to get your Quality Score up and start enjoying the advantages. In time, you will find that an excellent Quality Score is like having targeted traffic on tap that also has a high conversion rate.

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