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How To Generate Traffic To Your Website

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You cannot make sales or earn money without having customers visiting your store or paying for service you provide. Web sites are the same as real business you need traffic to generate sales or to earn money. You will take some time to determine your site niche and your site domain name but you should focus on how you will generate traffic to your site.

To generate traffic to your site you have to choose between two main methods. The first one is the paid method and the second one is the free method. You should know that you will provide two things in both methods time and money. In the paid method you will provide more money but you will save time while in the free method you will provide more time but you will save money. The paid methods contain email marketing, PPC advertising and banner ads while the free methods contain search engines free traffic, forum recommendations and blog links.

In paid methods you are paying money to company or broker to drive traffic to your site. It is really costly but it worth if you can use it right. There are many sources for paid traffic but you should choose the best method for your site. In email marketing you use a company that has big email list for customers and they send your offer to them. Banner advertising is better because you can put your ad in similar niche site and this will increase your site profits. The pay per click is the best because you only pay when customer click on your ad and come to your site which is money saver.

Most webmasters prefer the PPC advertising because it gives them the highest freedom on choosing their customers. You can choose your customer country and language. You can also specify which phrases you want your ad to show when someone searches for it, and which phrases that your ad should not appear on it. The only problem you may face that if you have poor website, because most PPC advertising programs prefer sites with high quality content.

In free methods you do not pay money to get traffic but you put huge amount of time and effort to get it. You must write high quality content in your site and you must have something different and special in your site to make people link to you and recommended you. The search engine is the best method to get free traffic but you should know the basics of search engine optimization to make your site rank on it. There are two other ways to get free traffic likes writing articles on the major article directories which will drive traffic to your site and start interesting blog that attract people to your website.

The best free traffic method is search engine free traffic where your site appear in Google, Yahoo and Bing in specific Phrases. Search engines usually rank sites based on many characteristics including domain name age, back-links and content. You must update your site at least two times per week with unique quality content to make search engines visit your site everyday which will help you to take higher position. You can build your site on expired domain to solve the age problem. Your main problem will be generating back-links to your site.

Finally, you have to drive traffic to your site to earn money and there are two main methods to generate traffic paid method and free method. Choose your method carefully and you should know every method pros and cons.

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