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How To Build Passive Residual Income With Affiliate Programs

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If you’re looking to add some passive residual income to your portfolio, then these helpful tips will help you do just that. Not all affiliate programs pay recurring commissions. Of those that do, there are some that only pay up to a certain amount. What you need is one that will pay you no matter how many sales you make.

Why should you choose an affiliate program that pays recurring commissions rather than one that pays a commission just once? Good question. The answer is obvious if you want to build a portfolio that pays you passive residual income.

Affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions generally fall into either subscription based websites or Membership sites that charge a monthly fee. Some Internet based software also charge monthly fees and pay recurring commissions.

Passive residual income can be thought of like interest on a savings account. As long as you leave the money in the account, you acquire money on it month after month. The same is true for affiliate programs that charge recurring monthly fees. For everyone you refer, the program will pay you a percentage of those monthly fees. You don’t normally have to do any more work after making the sale. Just sit back and collect monthly checks.

Passive residual income programs differ from traditional affiliate programs in that instead of only getting paid once, like you would normally, you’ll get commission checks every month for as long as your people keep paying their monthly dues.

Is it becoming clear why so many affiliate marketers focus on building passive residual income? Once you make the initial sale, you just keep receiving money month after month and it’s hands off!

If you look real hard, you’ll find some affiliate programs that pay one or more levels deep. This is the real way to wealth. This works when the people you sign up start signing up people their self and receive commissions for those sign ups as well.

This is the way smart Affiliate marketers build up wealth that keeps coming in month after month. Because once the initial sale is made, all they have to do is set back and watch the money roll in month after month. You can see how powerful this wealth building tool is just by having a few people each month sign up. With just a few signups per month, it won’t be long until you realize you have a pretty good monthly check that comes in month after month.

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