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Google is definitely Getting Tough!

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There are lots and lots of automatic blogging application platforms out there. These products are built upon spiders that crawl the web looking for content that matches key terms that you have put into the program. Then they take the subject material they find and set it on your site. You benefit from having a site that is full of content that is updated frequently without having to do the actual work of creating that fresh content yourself. It seems like a fantasy come true. Except that…

Google is displaying signs of getting tough with the sites that don’t use unique content. They are settling measures in place that will let them to check on your site’s content to make sure that it hasn’t shown up somewhere else first. If the site your operating has mostly copied content, you will be in for some real trouble. You will surely lose the confidence of Google. So what does this suggest for those folks who are hoping to create an automated company?

Mostly it ensures that business owners all over the Internet are going to have to figure out how to work very hard or find the funds that will allow them to work for them. This is great! It helps to guard those individuals who have done the hard work that goes into generating original content. This also helps make sure that a person is running a genuine company. If you aren’t good at writing or creating good content, you need to pony up the money and pay someone to do it for you. Trust us when we explain that your investment will be really worth it.

The easy fact is that, on the internet, there are thousands of web pages that are built off of someone else’s hard work. The sites then generate profits by employing that plagiarized content and putting up lots of ads on every page. While this is usually a great way to generate a few extra dollars, if you get caught you can be confident that you are going to get into some major trouble. Stealing is a really big deal, of course. Students have been expelled from Colleges all over the planet for not giving proper credit to a source. Think about what type of trouble you may be in if you do not credit your source properly or if you go so far as to steal another person’s intellectual property. Won’t it just be a lot easier to write and generate your own stuff?

The fact of the matter is that if you legitimately want to build an income, you’ll need to do serious and honest work. Google is looking to reward folks who do the hard work and punish the people who are using other people’s hard work for their own benefit. We like this a lot. It may help to make things on the net a lot more fair for those who are genuinely trying to help others and make a real living instead of rewarding people who use shoddy tactics to make a quick buck.

So, if you’re a web entrepreneur, you’ll want to get ready to perform some real (and often hard) work. Google is just itching to smack down those who are not willing to put in a real effort!

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